Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recipe: Snowskin Mooncake

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone! :)

Snowskin mooncake made by yours truly. HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL! 🐰🌝🎊🎉 (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Snowskin Mooncake with redbean paste for you? 

I don't fancy traditional mooncakes actually, the baked ones I meant. But I love snowskin mooncakes! But do you know one of those pretty little thing actually has 983 calories! (716 calories for baked mooncakes) WTH RIGHT?! That means 90min of running just to burn 1 snowskin mooncake. This is call 'so pretty yet so deadly'. 


I can make my own mooncakes! Healthier in every ways~ Made some last year and another batch this year. So here goes the recipe that some of you are asking. :) 

Vanilla, redbean snowskin mooncake.  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

I never knew it was so simple to make until I put my hands on it. 

Though homemade is definitely a healthier choice, don't over-indulge because of that, like the pig over here. -.- 

Kia Hiang’s reduced sugar mooncake series. Red for REDBEAN, white or lotus paste.  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Hia Hiang's Traditional Mooncakes. Red for redbean and White for white lotus. 

I have just swallowed 1 each for tea, so many rounds do I have to run to burn that calories off? #firstworldpain

Anyways, mummy says the best person to eat mooncake with is me. Simply because I don't like egg yolk! Yeah, I don't eat solidified yolks. So I'll always dig out the yolk before eating and whoever would get an extra yolk from me. :D 

I'm so kind. LOL! 

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