Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lucky is, lucky

Happy Boxing Day everyone! :) I'm feeling so excited now that I totally feel the need to share! 

So I'm probably the only idiot who doesn't know that results are released today till I received that deadly SMS early in the morning. It was a pleasant surprise, considering the shits I was going through during the period and my total addict for Instagram. Thank god I didn't screw my final year. :) 

Next, I met up with Dr Sethi earlier on and he said I have enough results to start pening my thesis!!! Meaning NO MORE LAB!!! Whoohoo!!! I actually more happy about this!!!!!! Though I feel that thesis is the most challenging of my Honour project. Well, at least I'm a step closer to graduation! 

So what I really lack now to be the happiest girl on Earth is a good health. 
Take care everyone! <3 

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