Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas Dinner: BBQ

Simple cozy BBQ at home with the family for our Christmas dinner. 

Brother at work. I was doing my job too! Snapping photos! :P

Husband criteria 1: Must be able to make me golden brown mashmarrows! 

Cheeeese tofu! 

Otar otar!

Finally get my hands on purple sweet potato. Compared to the orange flesh ones, they are definitely softer in texture but less sweet. 

I still like my sweet sweet potato! :D

I'm a total sucker for garlic bread. 

Crunch crunch! 

Yes, it is possible for one to eat a whole roll of garlic bread, a bag of mashmarrows, 4 giant sweet potatoes and 1 cob of sweet corn. Not mentioning satays, otahs, sticks and chicken wings. Because I apparently did. 

Of course the favourite moment, gift exchange! <3 My silly mummy actually thought I'm so 'bo liao' to put empty gift boxes under the trees as decoration. She was like 'all got presents?! So many???' Too cute. <3 

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