Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season to get FAT

So another Xmas feast starts not even after 24 hours from the previous. How not to get fat tell me?! 

Buffet catering from Select Catering. Food was not bad. I especially like the mee siam and soy sauce fish fillet. 

Today's feast was not just for Xmas celebration but also a farewell party from cousin Jason. He's going Australia to study Law. 

Gathering used to be always steamboat, but we got lazier now so we settle for catering. LOL! 

Look at my cute ah ma at the background!!! HAHAHA!

Love to play with all the little kiddos in the house and my brother is seriously so good with kids!! 

HTHT with Xuan by the pool. So romantic right?! Hahaha!

9 plates down my throat. The cousins were like 'I know you starved a month before this right?!' LOL! 

It feel like CNY totally. :') By the way they were gambling! LOL!

From Qiao. <3 

Merry Xmas dear all! *hugs and kisses* 


  1. HI can i have the permission to use your Buffet pics for my school project?

    1. Hi, may I know more about the details of your school project?