Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in a nutshell

Followers of my blog would be aware that it's always a habit of mine to end the year with a round up post. It's kinda like a flashback of the many events that had happened throughout the past 365 days. Most importantly, it's also a time for me to count my blessings. 

1. @lirongs hits 10K followers on Instagram, currently a blessed amount of 18K. Seriously, I can't be thankful enough for all the nice people out there. Each and everyone have contributed to the growth of this blog as well as my Instagram. 

2. 2013 has also provided me with lots of opportunities in advertorials, food tasting and varies media invites. I'm also going to use this opportunity to announce to everyone that I'll be publishing my very own e-book, VERY SOON. Do check back for more updates. :)

3. Meeting new people, especially all the lovely people from Instagram. I cherish each and every friendships.

4. Graduation. I have to say NUS days were definitely best if not one of the best times of my life. So much fond memories from Year 1 to 4. Be it camps, lectures or FYP, each and every phases of NUS are dearly to me, especially GAMBITS <3. 

5. Graduate trip to Korea. It was a short but fabulous trip with the girls! <3 Definitely a place which I would want to return for more. 

6. Baking and cooking. 2013 also sees me exploring many new recipes and I'm glad to share with each and everyone of you. However, as I've stepped into the workforce I see myself having lesser time with the kitchen. But, that doesn't not diminish my passion to create food. I'll still set aside time to bake and share recipes with all of you. 

7. Exploring more food places. Not only do I love to create food, I love to eat too! ^^ I have a special fond for cafes which explains my ever-ending list of cafes to visit. Slowly and surely I'll eat them all! Cafe hopping anyone? :P

8. Stepping into the workforce. By far, I can say that my job is definitely challenging but it's also fulfilling. Perhaps it's too early to say that I love my job, but at least I'm looking forward to each working days. 

9. Of course, 2013 I met him. <3

10. Finally, on Xmas day I lost someone dearly to me. It's sad how life can be so fragile and vulnerable. :(

You'll always live in our heart. 

Lastly, 2014 no doubt will be full of challenges as I entered yet a new phase of my life. But, I believe it's not life when there are no obstacles. No matter what, enjoy the moment I say. :)



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  1. Yeah I made a summary like this one too of 2015. Its really interesting to make and I always love reading it and reliving those memories.