Sunday, June 15, 2014

Recipe: Fruit Pastry Cake *ENCORE*

Fruit pastry cake, definitely one of my most trusted recipe.

I see myself as an explorer in the kitchen, therefore I hardly bake any recipe more than once. However, this is one exception. 

Probably the 3rd time that I'm baking with this particular recipe. I'm not even surprise why this recipe used to go viral once upon a time, when it was first introduced in the cyber world.  

The cake is not just visually appealing, it has a very soft texture as well. Something I'm looking for in my cake always. Oh, and those crumbs! <3 

Sorry, I'm really in love with the turn out of this cake. :P 

I see this cake as an intermediate between chiffon and butter cake. It's soft, but not as light and fluffy as chiffon cake. It's buttery, but not as heavy and sinful as butter cake. The perfect afternoon tea cake I'll say. :) 



  1. would love to try baking this out! but can i ask, if the yoghurt can be replaced with any other things? and which brand of yoghurt did you use!

    thank you!
    (hope you're enjoying your taiwan trip as well!)

    1. Hi!:) I highly recommend this recipe, as always. Haha. You can replace it with sour cream. :) I usually use F&N. No specific one though. :)