Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taiwan Day 6 Part 1: HuaLien - Taroko Gorge

So here we are at Taroko Gorge National Park! Was contemplating whether to include this in during our planning but decided to go in the end because of the beautiful pictures we saw on web. So lets go!  

If you are thinking of touring the place by foot, think twice because to go from point to point, it requires a little bit (just being kind) of walking and you have to watch out for falling stones! So, it best to engage a driver for a full or half day tour. We were lucky to have our hotel to book a half day tour (approximately 4 hours) for us at NT1700. 

The good thing about it is you'll have a "dedicated" photographer who will take beautiful shots for you. heh heh.

Once again, you realise in Taiwan there are many "famous" stones for you to take a picture with. 

OMG look at the view behind the girl. Simply gorgeous (including the girl) . 
100% no exaggeration.

Where do you get such scenery in Singapore? :)

To prevent falling stones from the mountains, all visitors are suppose to put on the safety helmet! We were lucky that we didn't encounter any. However, the driver was pretty worried and he kept telling us not to stay at those places for too long. lol!

Looks like the kind of place where Mediacorp filmed 'shen diao xia nv'?

According to the driver, usually people will come once in a while to 'shua po' (shave the slope in layman terms) to prevent falling stones. This looks like the outcome of it? Or maybe natural erosion. 

I'm going to let the photos do the talking now. 

Expecting strong winds here as we are high up on the mountain. Air is extremely fresh too!

Basically a place to head to if you enjoy mother nature. 

Like I said, another stone to pose with. lol!

OMG, BEWARE tallies. This diao jiao (hanging bridge) can be deadly. When you enter, please, please bend as low as you can (best if you do a half squat, no joke). BUT do the same when you EXIT please. I was too engrossed with the view that my head hit onto the ceiling and it bled a little. And the constructors at the side were laughing at me!! Seems like I am not the first one. The girl was in panic mode as I seemed to be in shock haha.

Other than that, the bridge. It's hanging real hight and shakes terribly. So probably not for you if you're afraid of heights. 

This bridge might be better. 

Nearly the end of Taroko Gorge, you'll find a temple, located high up. So you see, this was how we burn off those calories consumed. Haha!

At the peak of the mountain. 

We rested a little before meeting our driver to head down. There is a small eatery there as well. Of course, can't expect really good food here. It would be good if you bring along your own snacks and drinks. 

Another bridge on the way down. 

Looks like the girl just emerged out of the tunnel ya?

And our eyes were very satisfied with what Taroko Gorge has offered and not forgetting the blood I've lost at the hanging bridge, which made this place a memorable one for me. LOL!

Another breathtaking view to end this post! 

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Next post will be on Taipei! The final destination of our trip. See ya! 


  1. Thanks for the entries! This is really helpful :)
    Could I just ask, do you mind sharing your choice of transportation/directions from Hualien (Day 6) to Taipei (Day 7 - or did you immediately head to Jiu Fen and Shi fen from Hualien?)

    Thank you!


    1. Hi:)

      We took a train to Taipei! We left huelian in the late afternoon so by the time we reached Taipei it was about 6pm I think. Jiu fen was the next time. :)

  2. Hi Lirong, as I will be staying at inhotel and wondering how am I suppose to get Taroko Gorge. May I know NT1700 is for 1 person or the whole tour? Thank you so much.


    1. Hi,

      If I'm not wrong the inhotel that you're talking about is in Taipei? While taroko gorge is in hualien. It's 2 very different places.

  3. Hi, do you have the contact for the toroko george half day tour? Thanks.