Friday, September 12, 2014

Ad: Bread Society's Fall/Winter bread collection 2014

Bread Society is pleased to unveil its Fall/Winter 2014 collection that are made with natural yeast cultivated from fruits and paired with wholesome premium ingredients.

I love how the bread collections at Bread Society changes with the season! As a consumer I'm definitely looking forward to the 'change in season' so as to try a different variation of bread! :D 

This Fall/Winter, Bread Society has launched a total of 10 different bread collection! I'll be reviewing 6 out of the 10 in this blog post. :) 

Orange chocolate, $5.90.

A well-loved combination, this chocolate chip and diced orange peel loaf is an excellent tea time treat!

Walnut coffee, $5.90.

Showcasing a bounty of walnuts, chocolate chips and roasted coffee powder, expect a burst of flavours when biting into one of these!

Double chocolate, $4.90.

Studded with a generous amount of chocolate chips, this dark beauty is also thoroughly infused with the rich aroma and flavour of quality chocolate.

Black glutinous rice longan, $7.90.

This inventive loaf offers a familiar comforting taste akin to the popular local dessert of ‘pulot hitam’ with the addition of black glutinous rice, while wine-soaked longan pieces add texture and sweetness.

Mango raisin, $4.90.

Tasty on its own or with a touch of butter, this moist horn-shaped loaf is brimming with wine-soaked mango pieces and raisins in a moist bun.

Spinach & cheese, $5.90.

A meal-in-one, this pretty flower-shaped bread is chockfull of smoked and cheddar cheese cubes and fortified with iron-rich spinach! 

Now, you must be wondering, 'so many of them! which is good?' Well. As an ultimate bread lover, I'm doing to tell you, EVERYTHING IS GOOD! Especially if you love soft, natural yeast bread. <3 I think if I really have to choose one, I'll go for the black glutinous rice longan. It's really something very different from the usual flavours, but the combination was so tasty! I could have this same thing every single day! :D 

To find out more about the 10 different Fall/Winter collections, do check out Bread Society! ^^


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