Friday, December 26, 2014

Media invite: Pie Face @ Bugis Village

Pie Face, the world's largest pie chain, has finally arrived in Singapore! 

How large is Pie Face actually? It is actually a leading micro-bakery cafe from Australia with more than 80 stores around the world! 

Also, do you know that Singapore is the first country in Asia that Australia's Pie Face has ventured into? Feeling so proud and honoured of our little red dot. ^^ 
Currently, Pie Face has 2 outlets in Singapore, 313@Somerset and Bugis Village.

Pie Face @ Bugis Village, which is also the flagship outlet, located just across the road from Bugis Junction, it makes a good afternoon tea location for hungry souls. 

This flagship outlet is definitely much bigger and spacious as compared to the one at 313. Makes a perfect venue for you to sit down with some friends to enjoy a cup of coffee and share some ultra cute pies!

Pie Face is best known for their pie with faces (duh..). All their gourmet pies are made from scratch to produce the best tasting pie! 

Chunky Steak Pie, $5.20.

Pie Face serves up pies in multitude of flavours. In fact, which faces represent a unique taste! Flavours that are available include:
1. Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20)
2. Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90)
3. Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90)
4. Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90)
*hint* the flavour of the pie is actually revealed on the shape of the mouth. 

This chunky steak pie is perhaps the crown jewel in Pie Face's array, love the crispy and flaky pie pastry and the flavourful chunks of beef (yup, chucks, not minced) that have been braised with onions, garlic and gravy! Just one of this huge pie can easily fill you up! 

Mini Thai Chicken Curry Pie, $3.

These savoury pies come in both regular and mini sizes. If you think the huge ones are too big for you, try the smaller ones! Or a few of the mini versions to try more of Pie Face's range of flavours? ^^ 

This Thai Chicken Curry is an Asian-inspired offering. It brings together chicken meat, carrots, onion, garlic and coconut milk! You can actually taste a subtle of green curry with this pie. I thought would be better if the pie was spicier? :D

Chicken & Mushroom Pie with mash and peas topping ($4.90 + $2).

By topping up another $2 to your choice of pie, we can enjoy a rich and creamy smash (mashed potatoes and peas) with your pie. 

I thought mash potatoes and peas goes really well! I recommend this for sharing as the creamy smash and the cream base chicken and mushroom filling can be a little too gelat after a while. 

Chicken sausage roll ($3.80), Chicken & cheese sausage roll ($3.80), Almond stick ($1.90), Cheese stick ($1.90). 

Besides pies, Pie Face offers surprisingly good sausage rolls as well! Love the pairing of this juicy sausage with flaky and buttery pastry! The almond and cheese sticks were just as equally yummy! Definitely a must-try if you're at Pie Face! 

Sweet mousse tarts: strawberry, lemon, green tea, butterscotch, coffee, chocolate, apple crumble and pecan pie ($3.30 each).

I'm a fan of huge fan of moussecake! So I was really excited to try them! Pie Face's sweet mousse tarts certainly did not fail to deliver that smooth texture of a good mousse layer. However, all the tarts were just too sweet. If you really need some sweets, stick to lemon tarts, apple crumble or pecan pie. 

Carrot cake, banana bread and chocolate cake. 

Other than their array of palatable pies, Pie Face also serves crumbly cookies, moist cakes, pipping hot soups as well as high quality coffee! Do try their range of coffee! From cappuccino, cafe latte, long black, mocha to macchiato, pricing starts from $4! :) 

Thank you Pie Face for the invite. :)

Check out Pie Face's facebook page for their latest updates on their weekly Pie-fect deal! ^^

249 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188034
Bugis Village
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm

313 Orchard Road #B3-10
Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm


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