Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Atmosphere Bistro Bar + Pick Me Up Cafe @ ECP

East Coast Park or ECP has undergone a great change if you didn't know. Right now, there are so many interesting cafes/restaurants/bar gathered at this particular section of ECP, Parkland Green.

Of these, one of them is Atmosphere Bistro Bar! 

I got to say ECP is really getting more and more hype now! The bistro was packed with people on a Thurs night! Like you really need to make a reservation that kind. 
ps: It looks empty here because it was just 6.30 pm then. By 8pm, the bistro was full house!

Hard or soft copy upon your request. A person like me prefers a hard copy one. :P 

Menu is like really extensive!
Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Surely, there will be something for everyone! ^^

Ginger ale ($4), lime juice ($4) and calpis ($5). 

I feel that drinks are seriously overpriced? :/ 

Lobster bisque (chef's recommendation), $5.80. 

Good that it's like the very creamy type. Would be good if a piece of toast is served along. 

There's a roasted pumpkin on the menu too!! But only served on weekends. T.T

Flaming pizza, $22.80.

Basically a seafood thin-crust pizza then they added some alcohol and set it on flame. 

Great effort for creativity! But not exactly the best location to impress upon the diners because sea breeze is really strong at night and the flame hardly could stay for a minute. 

Atmosphere burger, $22.80.

Another signature dish. A stack of burger made with chicken, turkey and pork patties, and served with a side of fries and salad.

Hmm.. I think this presentation is more photo worthy than being practical for eating! Haha! 

Pretty presentation but taste wise, much improvement is need as patties were drying I feel. 

Miso salmon. 

As recommeded by our host. But I think I like the miso sauce more than the salmon itself as the salmon was a little overcooked. I guess I shall not complain because the miso sauce was really awesome! 

Baby back ribs, $19.80.

One of the outstanding dish for the night. Ribs were well marinated and flavourful. Also, the meat was so tender that it just fell off with a light pull using the fork. 

Truffle fries, $8.80.

I'm sucked in for anything truffle. :D

As if 4 mains and 1 side wasn't enough for us (Yes, we had everything by ourselves and polished off clean :P) We went on for more desserts. Not 1 but 2 desserts. Heh. 

Presenting to you the greedy two. :P 

Buttermilk waffles w vanilla ice cream, $9.80. (+$2.80 for additional taro ice cream)

I will not deny my love for waffles. <3 This particular one is more of the crispy and densey type, one that he loves. While I prefer soft and fluffy ones. ^^

Chocolate lave cake, $11.80. (+$2 for the additional berries) 

One of the best molten lava cakes around!! Gladly had this to myself because the man can't handle too much sweets. Haha! 

Him: dear, I thought we are impressive enough to finish 4 mains. But you're champion. You finished the desserts too!

Frozen beer in lime flavour, $13.

Whoa! If you haven't tried frozen beer before, must try this! Really refreshing!! If you don't like the taste of beer, I will suggest you get this lime one. More of a soft drink taste I feel!:) I finished the entire glass in no time. lol!

But the result is that, I feel very bloated after that, weirdly not bloated from the food but from the gas.

Thank you Atmosphere Bistro for the kind invitation and for feeding us so well! :D 

Overall, it is a good place to chill with friends! Think dining by the sea~  
Especially good to come with a group of friends if you want to try more items from the menu! As mentioned, menu is extensive! ^^

Atmosphere Bistro Bar
920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27
Singapore 449875
Contact: 6440 9705
Opening HoursMonday to Thursday 1800-0000hrs
    Friday 1800-0100hrs
                        Saturday & Sunday 1030-0100hrs

Since you're already at ECP, I suggest you pay a visit to this beautiful cafe as well! 

Crazily packed when I was here 10-ish pm! I didn't lie when I said ECP is the new popular hangout right? 

If you're here earlier, perhaps you want to check out their savouries items! The bread and pastries look so awe! 

But they are more well-known for their gelato, especially yogurt gelato! 

Oh! One special flavour they have is the tiger beer! Not bad la, if you like alcoholic taste.

Manuka, $17.

A good 30 minutes wait before our waffles finally arrived at our table. 

Manuka basically means buttermilk waffles, there are 2 other waffles choices as well, peanut butter and miso. Miso is quite interesting eh? But I think the boy won't like so I didn't get it. Haha. 

Really photogenic presentation, but for $17, the price is definitely steep. For the same amount I could have a good plate of main elsewhere! 

Their ice cream is the sticky type, doesn't melt fast (tested and proven for surviving through my photo spam. Lol!). It's also very smooth! 

Waffles wise is the soft and fluffy type. Like I said, I prefer this type of waffle!

So is this place worth a visit? Yes, if you like to try a different type of ice cream - yogurt gelato! 

ps: they do have a smaller outlet at Seletar mall now! But the range of ice cream is not as extensive as the main one at ECP. :) 

920 East Coast Parkway #01-20
Singapore 449875
Contact: 9729 9118
Opening HoursMonday to Friday 1100-2200hrs
                             Saturday & Sunday 0900-2200hrs


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