Sunday, May 24, 2015

Review: Shin-Sapporo Ramen // Alfero Artisan Gelato // Yili PaoPao Ice

Located at the very happening Orchard Gateway (so many food joints! :D), Shin-Sapporo Ramen serves up authentic ramen, following an age-old recipe! By the way, Shin-Sapporo Ramen and Atmosphere Bistro are managed by the same company! 

Also, the humble ramen shop seeks improvement and adds surprise elements to their menu seasonally! Following their well received "sake ramen", this season 2 additional ramens have been added into their menu! So a few of us friends were invited to try out the 2 new items on the menu! :D

A very typical ramen look eh? Have I mentioned that I'm heading to Japan in less than a month? 

I'm so excited~ 

Sorry, I digressed. :P 

Tried 2 of their interesting drinks on the menu, calpis jelly, $4.80 (left) and mango yakult, $4.80 (right). 

Ok, yakult is quite normal since Japan is its origin. But calpis is something new for me! Basically it's a yogurt drink. Kind of similar to yakult? Both are good for the digestive system! Haha. 

Ok, be prepared to be flooded with lots of food because yours sincerely, me, made the order :P 

Starting with appetizers! :)

Potato Salad, $5.80.

A must order no matter where I go, and even more so when I'm at a Jap restaurant! Because I simply love Jap mayonnaise!:D 

That subtle sweetness of the sauce goes so well with the creaminess of the potatoes! 

Menchi, $5.80.

One of the highly recommended appetizer dish on the menu! The taste reminds of our local char siew though. This was good and paired so well with the lettuce dressed with goma sauce! Another fav sauce of mine. Heh. 

Tonpei Yaki, $6.80.

Ordered this because I was so tempted by the illustration on the menu! 

But but.. 

We were left disappointed when we broke into the omelette. Cabbage and more.. cabbage. 

Like that only? 

Actually there are some char siew bits hidden below. But still.. isn't it the same as the menchi dish except it's covered with an omelette now? Luckily we adored the menchi dish. :D 

Shin-Sapporo Gyoza (choice of pork or shrimp), $6.80 for 5 pieces. 

Sadly, did not mange to impress us. Was hoping for some nice and crispy ones, but both versions were kind of soggy and greasy. :/ 

Pumpkin Croquette, $4.80 for 3 pieces.

Obviously ordered and wanted by me. :PpP

Can I just say 3 pieces weren't enough for me? Hahaha! 

The croquette was still pipping hot after us taking a trillion amount of shots. :P 

More importantly, I love the creamy pumpkin filling and crispy outer! More please~ <3 

Butter Hotate, $8.80.

Besides the pumpkin croquette, this was a spot on for me as well! 

Must eat it when it is still hot! 

Ok, done with the appetizers for now. Yes, appetizers only. :P

Here comes the mains!

Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen, $14.80. 

One of the two seasonal items on the menu, this is Shin-Sapporo's signature ramen with fragrant black garlic oil added! 

This will be a huge love for all garlic fans! Just a little greasy for me with the black garlic oil. 

Abura Soba, $14.80.

The other seasonal item on the menu. This is dry curly ramen dressed with flavoured oil and topped with char siew, poached egg and bamboo shoots. 

Just look at that gorgeous egg!! Already all so excited with I saw it. Hehe.. 

No doubt, my favourite dish of the night. 

It looks really plain and simple, but the flavour was so intense and addictive! I would come back for this bowl of dry soba again! 

Hakata Tonkotshu Ramen, $14.80.

One of the more popular choice here so of course we have to give it a try! Love the creamy pork bone broth which wasn't overfully rich as well! 

Chicken Ramen, $14.80.

Shin-Sapporo's signature shoyu broth ramen!

I still prefer my pork bone broth ramen anything. Hahaha! This shoyu broth ramen failed to impress in terms of flavours. I guess also because our tastebuds were spoiled with all the other intense tasting ramens by then. :P 

Hiyashi-Chuka Soba, $13.80. 

I'm a huge fan of this type of cold, ramen dishes! So refreshing~ 

Katsu Fried Rice, $16.80 (choice of pork or chicken).

Besides going ramen, Shin-Sapporo offers rice on the menu as well! The katsu was well executed and served alongside their signature fried rice!

Oyako Don, $10.80.

Compared to the fried rice, I'm more of a fan of this Don, or rather, Don in general. Because I love the savoury-sweet sauce that is being added into the bowl! Addictive is the right word to describe it. 

Alright, alright. I'm moving on to desserts now~


Still got room for desserts?!

Of courseeeee! :P

Chocolate Lava Cake, $8.80.

There is something about lava cake that everyone loves eh? As mentioned, Shin-Sapporo and Atmosphere Bistro are of the same company, so some recipes are in fact the same. For instance, we were told that the chocolate lava cake at both places are from the same recipe. 

But we agree that in term of taste and consistency, the one at Atmosphere Bistro was better. 

I guess recipe is one thing, the person who is making is also an important factor eh? 

Matcha red bean moussecake.

Forgotten the price of this, but this was so good! A must try for all matcha and red bean fans! 
*note to self to recreate this*

Overall, I find the food at Shin-Sapporo to be satisfying and prices are really competitive considering that it's located in town. The Abura Soba makes it a place that is worth my revisit! :D 

Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road #B2-04A/05
Singapore 238858
Tel: 6702 4906
Operating hours: 1100-2100 (daily)


Located just beside Shin-Sapporo Ramen, so I have to try it no matter how full I am!

Heard so much about their pistachio and durian gelato! But sadly, durian wasn't available when I visited. T.T 

So it was just pistachio and chendol merdeka gelato (new flavour). Also tasted a few other flavours before we made our choice and I finally understood the rave about them! Their gelato flavours are so rich and creamy!! 

I got even sadder when followers on Instagram told me how good the durian gelato is. :( 


Then we walked over to Orchard Central (there is a linkway) to try this other dessert place YiLi PaoPao Ice 以利泡泡冰 from Taiwan Shilin Night Market! But why I don't remember seeing them ar? Haha.. Ok, not important. :P 

Anyway, the dessert here is somewhat like the eastern kind of sorbet, another word - shaved ice. Except, it has real fruits incorporated. 

We tried their signature milk & egg as well as yam flavours. Both didn't work for me. :/ 

Milk & Egg was a confuse taste of custard and condensed milk.
Whereas, the yam one was too icy and was lacking the flavour of yam. 

Hmm.. this place has gathered lots of mixed reviews? But taste is really subjective, I may like it, but you might not, vice versa. :)

A 'food-full' day indeed.


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