Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar @ The Ascott

This is my second invitation to The Royal Mail, a  modern British restaurant. 

Previously, I came for their media launch for their revamped menu for their bar (located on level 1), I could still remember how good the roasted beef cubes were! Haha! :P I was told that the fabulous beef cubes were from their restaurant (located on level 2). With that good experience, I was all excited to try the new menu offerings at the restaurant itself this time round! ^^

Well, although beef cubes were not on the menu anymore, we had other treats to replace! :) 

We started with some breads while waiting for the event to kickstart. 

Guess what? 

This bread was mind-blowing! 

I can't be exaggerating when everyone couldn't stop raving about how good the bread was! 

It's just a bite size piece of bread infused with the goodness of butter, cheese and herbs. 
So simple but so tasty! 

Yes, I'm still thinking about you, dearest cheese bread. 

Scallop Carpaccio and Tuna, $26. 
Consisting of Hokkaido scallop carpaccio and lightly seared tuna!

Our appetizer which looks just like a piece of art! 

I love tuna, especially nicely seared ones! 

By the way, I love tuna more than salmon! Haha! Anyone is with me on this? :D 

Trio of tomatoes, $18.
Beautiful of what!

This would be good for one who is looking for a lighter appetizer to start your meal! 

Seafood bouillabaisse, $28. 
Of snapper, langoustine, mussel and a very flavourful broth.

I really love the tangy broth!! Hehehe.. Would be better if I had another piece of that awesome cheese bread to go along!:P 

Moving on to the main course.

Honey glazed kurobuta pork, $56.

Served with white wine Apple and apple butter sauce! 

I think the meat is a bit tough but the apple butter sauce make up for that!

Porcini & bacon risotto, $32. 

Cooked with lots of cheese!! One of the cheesiest risotto I've tried so far. I LIKE!! Hahahah! 

Miso black cod, $42.

I'm bias towards miso and cod so yes, this is my fav dish of the night. 

White roasted Japanese Yellow Sea bream, $78. 
Specially flown in from Japan, which makes it especially fresh and tasty! 

Served with some lemon, garlic confit and scallion. But I to do without it because the fish itself is fresh enough to be eaten by itself for the best flavour!

Finally, ending off our dinner with desserts! :) 

Sticky date pudding, $18.
Signature at The Royal Mail!

Eton mess, $18.

My first time trying this famous dessert! An interesting twist to the standard type of desserts that we have always been served. But I didn't particularly fancy it. Or rather, I can't appreciate this 'abstract' dessert. Eton mess really tasted like a 'mess' to me. LOL! 

Enhanced bergamot earl grey jelly, $15. 

No one will disagree that this was the best desert of the night! Super refreshing! I especially love the earl grey jelly! 

Peanut butter jelly, $18. 
Toasted brioche, cranberry jelly, chocolate ganache and caramelized banana. 

This is one special dessert that is worth trying! Especially for peanut butter lovers! 

Overall, I think The Royal Mall Restaurant makes an ideal place to bring your date along for a special day! You'll be happy to know that from now till 31 May, The Royal Mail is having a very good deal! You get to enjoy 20% off your bill if you dine with them! 

The Ascott Raffles Place Singapore2 Finlayson GreenSingapore 049247Tel:+65 65093589
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 630am - 1030am, 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 11pm
Sat: 7am - 11am, 630pm - 11pm
Sun & PH: 7am - 11am



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