Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Recipe: Pasta salad

When I'm having a busy day the next day or when I feel like having something light and healthy, this pasta salad is the one that I'll always turn to (beside my pumpkin and apple salad). 

Ever since I made this for the boy, I guess I must have made another no less than 10 boxes of pasta salad for him! 

I thought since I have shared the recipe on my dayre, I should just post it on my blog as well. ^^

I highly recommend the use of fusilli pasta for this (available in most supermart) as I feel that this type of pasta is most suitable for making salad. :)

Ingredients (serves 1):
100g pasta 
Lettuce/wild rocket
Frozen peas
Crab sticks 
Hard boiled eggs
BBQ sauce

ps: these are my favourite items to add in, I don't usually add in everything. I'll mix and match so that I don't get bored of the flavour. You can definitely play around and use your own favourite items as well! It's very flexible!

1. Cook the pasta using the instructions stated on the pack (I usually cook mine in a pot of boiling water for ~7min) 

2. Drain the pasta and under running tap water to stop the cooking. Set aside.

3. Boil whatever ingredients that you want to add into your pasta salad (eg. egg,hotdog, crabsticks.)

4. Cut the boiled ingredients into desire size. Set aside.

5. Add in the eggs, hotdog etc. (if you're adding tomatoes add in now as well) into the cooked pasta. 

6. Toss them with some BBQ sauce (amount of sauce is dependent on your tastebud). 

7. Lay your box with some lettuce before transferring your pasta into it (optional to have lettuce, but having some greens is always good!^^).

8. Refridge and serve cold. 

Just toss and turn! 

Sometimes I'll substitute with mayo or oyster sauce. You can also add in some cheese/chilli powder or even spices/herbs like black pepper and dills! So it really depends on what you like to have. :)

This is a normal box of pasta salad that I'll get with 100g of pasta. :)

This is one with mayo instead of BBQ sauce. I added ham and cucumber for this too. :)

The pumpkin salad that I'm talking about! It's really healthy and hearty too! ^^ 

So this is how the boy and I try to incorporate some 'clean food' into our diets when we are not dining out. :) 

Oh, we occasionally have cha soba as well! ^^