Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fairprice Xtra - Xtra Fun Cook-Off

2 weekends ago, I was invited by Fairprice Xtra to take part in their special weekend activity - The Xtravaganza Sale, Xtra Fun Cook-Off. 

Seriously, I don't know what's up in my mind? 

I actually agreed to a cook off with a profession chef (Chef John Suwanto)?! 

Hahahah! I know right. But it was a great experience! Especially to learn some kitchen tips from the pro! :D 

We were given just 15 minutes to prep and cook a chicken stew! 

The box of ingredients that was given to us. :)  

Just before the cook-off! 

It was at Hougang One by the way. 

Some snap-shots that my #1 fan, Mr Tan, took for me. :D 

I was quite stressed by Chef John. Of course I would. Haha. 

Because he is so fast! 

My serious face. Haha! 

See! Chef John has already started cooking while my pan is still... empty? :P

Finally something in my pan. Hahaha! 

Tadah~ After minutes! My chicken stew is all ready to be served! :D

So we were given 15 minutes to cook and when the time is up, sample portions were served to the public so that they could vote for their favourite!

These are mine. :D


Our supportive crowd at Hougang One! ^^

Hehe.. Thank you Chef John and the emcee for for hosting me and warming me up so that I don't feel so nervous! :D 

No regrets in joining Fairprice's Xtra Fun Cook Off! It was indeed extra fun! Heh. Well, I have more photos on my dayre, hop over there if you want to see more of my clumsy moments! :P

Because I enjoyed myself very much, I've signed myself up for another cook-off! :P

This coming Saturday, 11th July 2015, Chef John and I will be at Fairprice Xtra @ AMK HUB! From 1pm to 1.30pm we will be there for another cook-off session! Come and join us and vote for us me! :PpP 

Additionally, if you think you and your family can cook well, simply spend $30 or more in a single recipe and you can stand a chance to participate in Fairprice's 'Family Cook-Off'! ^^

So see you there! :D


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