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Food in Bugis Part 1 - Hyde & Co. // Symmetry // Artistry

Hello everyone! Because I have been eating too much around Bugis area, so I've decided to compile the places that I've been to into a few posts! Well, Bugis is like a place where youngsters, like me (lol!), hang out right? Hehe..

So yup. I'm starting with the 3 cafes that you probably will want to visit when you're cafe hopping in the area! :) 

First up, Hyde & Co. located along North Bridge Road! 

The design of the cafe is pretty until~ <3 

Can I just steal one of their many tea sets? :P 

Oh yeah? The type of tea we are talking about. 

This high tea set, $23 is good for sharing! 
sandwiches, scones, pulled pork mantou, victoria sponge and tea of your choice!

I was here for a brunch tasting sometime back and I really love the ambience of the place! 

Anyway, besides the main course for brunch, we had some appetizers! 

Hydes's wings, $10.
Coated with their homemade BBQ sauce! 
Flavour was ok, but the wings were a bit dry.

The classic bruschetta, $7.
Like your tapas, good for quick bites while waiting for the mains to arrive!

Ok. Main courses now~

The Big Ben, $17. 
The usual on the brunch menu. Seriously, I'm so over poached eggs. :P

Holy smokes, $17.
Probably my least favourite because I just cannot bring myself to like bagel. It is so dry?

Speedy Gonzales, $14. 
This is worth a try! 
Braised pulled pork was very flavourful and served along with scrambled eggs and guacamole on a taco shell alike.  Something different from the usual brunch menu!

The full work, $20. 
Basically everything you need. You can choose to have your egg done either poached, scrambled, sunny or fried! 

Toad in the hole, $15.
Looks like a huge pizza bread to me! Haha! The best part about this dish was the truffle oil! Yes, just that smell of truffle is enough to get me excited! :D

Hyde's Chilli crab pasta, $16. 
My favourite of all! If you don't fancy the usual brunch menu of eggs and toasts, try their pasta! 

If you don't like coffee or tea, get one of their refreshing summer drinks! 

Butterscotch popcorn buttermilk waffles. 
I like the homemade butterscotch sauce and the vanilla bean ice cream. But the buttermilk waffles was too crispy for my liking. I prefer fluffy ones! :D

Ok. Ending with an #ootd that I took that day. :P 

785 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 198753
Opening hours: Mon to Sun, 11am till 6pm (closed on Tues)
Contact: 6635 5785

Ok. Next place that I'm going to recommend is Symmetry Cafe! 

Went there with Mr Tan to cafe hop! ^^

We reached about 2pm and had to wait for a table still! Ok. It was a public holiday that day. Haha! So I recommend you come during the weekdays if possible? 

Food to share!

We ordered matcha latte and flat white too. But was quite a disappointment, especially that matcha latte. So powdery! 

Big Breakfast, $24.

Like every cafe will have a breakfast set like this? It was expensive and tasted mediocre I feel. :/ 

Symmetry Eggs, $24.

Basically baked eggs? Haha! But I really like this! Was telling Mr Tan how I should bring my own loaf of bread to mop up the yummy sauce! :P

Food is above average. But pricey. 
We spent $70 here for 2 drinks and 2 mains only! :/

Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)
Opening hours:  MON 1030 – 2100
                                    TUE – THU 1030 – 2300
                       FRI 1030 – 0000
                       SAT 0900 – 0000
                       SUN 0900 – 1900
Contact: 62919901

Well, since you're already at Haji Lane, take some time to enjoy the artsy place! 

We went to Artistry Cafe next! 
Just a short walk away from Symmetry! 

The place was really packed! We reached about 3pm and all desserts were sold out. No peanut butter French toast for me~ 

Got these to share instead.

The savoury item was really.. oily. :/ 
Couldn't bring myself to finish everything. Only the hasbrown balls were good I will say. 

Thankfully the red velvet cake, $7, saved the day! It was rich and moist!
We love the latte too! 

So we concluded that you should just come to Artistry for the desserts and coffee. Haha! Come early for the famed PB French toasts especially! 

Or come and admire the beautiful art pieces in the cafe as well! ^^

17 Jalan Pinang, 
Singapore 199149
Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 10am-11.30pm
                     Sun 10am-7pm                        Closed on Mondays

Tel 6298 2420

There are a lot of other cafes around the same area as well! Take your time to enjoy the food and the cultures in this area. I feel that Haji Lane is definitely a place which showcase the other side of Singapore! *Thumbs up*

Ok, stay tune to more food hunts in Bugis~


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