Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recipe: Sunny side up egg

On the table: Brunching with all-day breakfast~ 

Are you sick of my brunch menu? I hope I'm not the only person crazy about brunch, particularly eggs and bread! :D 

People usually get confused between an over easy egg and a sunny side up egg, so here is the different!

Over easy: An egg is fried on both sides, but the yolk stays runny. 

Sunny side up: An egg is fried just on one side, the yolk is still completely liquid and the whites on the surface are barely set. 

Today I'm going to share with everyone another easy and quick to make brunch recipe that involves sunny side up egg

Cooking oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat up a saucepan before coating the pan with cooking oil (important to coat the entire surface area with oil).

2. Heat the oil until it is just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water. Crack the egg into a bowl before transferring it onto the heated saucepan. Cook over low heat.

3. Repeat with any additional eggs, ensure that the egg whites don't touch.

4. Cook the egg until the whites are firm and the yolk is thick but still runny (you can check the consistency of the yolk by shaking the pan gently).

5. Remove from heat, dish and serve with salt and pepper adjusted to your preference. 

A perfect sunny side up egg with a oozy yolk. One of my favourite way to have an egg. <3

More breakfast/brunch ideas for you! :D

Tell me. How not to love eggs?!

Another favourite is of course scrambled eggs! Check out my recipe at here. :)

French toasts that are generously coated with egg. My tip is always use a milk loaf to make French toast! They will be like so crisp on the outside but soft and moist in the inside!

Finally, a balance meal can't do without the fruits and greens, click here for my favourite salad recipe. :)

Cheers to homemade, yummy brunch! ^^


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