Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: Sudio's earphones, the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

By accident, I saw a number of instagrammers posted photos of  Sudio's earphones on their feeds. Inside me I was like, "Wow, this brand's earphones are gorgeoussss~ I wish I have one toooo~" 

It stopped there and I never really go and find out more about the earphones. 

Until, of course, I have the honour to work with Sudio, a lifestyle brand from Sweden which makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in stores!

Best of all, you can now quote me name,  'lirongsValentine' when checkout to receive 15% off the final price! ^^ 

That's why you see a rare selfie of myself and the product that I've picked from Sudio's range of earphones collection! Haha!:P

Currently, the best sellers at Sudio are VASA, Klang and Tvåamong which
VASA and Två are suitable for any type of electronic devices!  

I decided to go for VASA, the latest and most advanced collection! It comes in white, black, blue and pink!

It was a tough decision for me to make between white and pink. Hahaha! 

In the end, the feminine girl in me won. I got my VASA earphones in this gorgeous shade of pink. I like how the colour is not very loud and attention seeking. Heh. :D 

The white one is really nice too~ 



What you will find in the box. :)

I love the leather casing especially! 

Confession: I was attracted to Sudio's earphones in the beginning because of this elegant looking leather case! 

You know how it's always a pain when we need to keep our earphones, but there is no proper so call 'storage' bag or box that comes along. So I really appreciate how Sudio came up with such an elegant and stylish design even for the leather casing!

Baked a pandan chiffon cake the other day while I listening to my favourite song list. 


With the upcoming Valentine's Day, are you still looking for the perfect gift for other half? 

Check out Sudio's earphones if your other half loves music! Hmm.. no, everyone should love music. Haha! Well, it would be lovely to get your other half a stylish pair of earphones like this, don't you think? ^^

Remember to quote 'lirongsValentine' when checkout to receive 15% off the final price! ^^ 


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