Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fake CAP 5.0

Today, the judgement day for NUS students. :/ Because we got back our results. I wasn't nervous at all until before I went to bed. Think I was too busy in the day to think about it. 

I refused to check my msg when I was being woken up by the sms notification, because I have a bad feeling I wont do well. :( Really very very scare to see if my results were 'BBBBB' T.T 

The funny thing is I didn't want to press 'sms' on my Hp screen, I wanted to go to 'twitter' and stalk on other people's results! LOL! But my fingers unintentionally landed on 'sms' and the results appear upon my eyes. =.= 

GEK1529 A, LSM3211 A+, LSM3212 A, LSM3223 A, XD3103 B. I STUNNED! Is this really my results?! Nevermind about Planet Earth because I half expected it, but the rest were all not! Immunology A~ Am I dreaming? The paper totally killed me! :/ Cardiology also A! I kinda expect myself  to do better for pharmacology, but I swear I didn't expect an A+. I checked the matrix # like trillion times to make sure it's mine! LOL! I don't know how I manage to do this but I thank god for the miracle! :)

They say expect less to gain more, guess this was how I felt this morning. So you see the fake CAP 5.0 thing? Ignore XD3103 and my results would be so prefect! Haha! But it's ok, I gave up on that module long ago. :P 

First thing I did was SMS my mummy to share my happiness! <3 My parents were my only motivation throughout the studying period. Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of them. I want to give them a comfortable life, so I have to work hard no matter what! 

Sometimes I find it kinda unbelievable. I remember my first result in NUS, my CAP barely hits 3.5 and I was scoring mostly B-. But look where am I now. Impossible is nothing! I can, so can you! :) 

Now, I have quite a few things to be troubled with. Should I s/u my XD3103? It's my last s/u! :/ I need to find a professor for my FYP, which I'm damn scare and not looking forward to. :( I'm also damn blur about what filing for graduation and etc. I don't know what modules to take next semester!! 

Although in my own words, I did well. But the happiness dies off really fast. I don't know, but I feel really empty after which. :/ It's like good/not so good results my life still goes on. Of course, good results are better! Hmm.. don't really know how to explain this feeling, I guess I'm searching for something that can give me long-lasting happiness, something which I don't know what's that too. *emo*  

Anyways, whatever it is. Thank god! Haha! :D 


If I'm awake for 15hrs a day. More than half of the time would be spent in the kitchen. Haha! Bet you are not surprise! :P

Today's bake - Brown sugar raisin swirl breads. 

I always made swirl breads now because it's the least time consuming! lol! Just roll, cut and done! :D

Grape flavoured agar agar

Planned to have a picnic with Ginny and Cass tml. But looks like the weather won't allow us to do so. :/ They gonna miss the chance to try my Portuguese egg tarts too! haha! 

Afternoon tea -  Durian! 

Mummy bought 2 packets home for the 2 of us! (Y) So surprised! :D She didn't say anything but I know it's for my results! hehe! None for the guys since they are no durian lovers. What a waste right?!

Dinner - Grilled lamb chop

Stir fried dory fish

A few days ago, my crazy mummy bought 1kg of streak, 1kg of lamb chop, 2 kg of dory fish and 2 kg of chicken chop home. Madness right? She bought from a wholesale supplier so was quite cheap. That's why we  have streaks and lamp chops at home. But the thing is mummy don't know how to cook them. =.= 


This accompanied me in the kitchen! :D I have no idea what this drama is about, watch only because it is very popular. lol! Thought it gonna be another story about the fights between concubines, but it's not. The story is about Wu Zetian and how she solves mystery crimes. Quite interesting! I always thought  Wu Zetian's a bad person until this drama. LOL! Sorry Emperor Wu! :P 

I like to watch this kind of drama because I can gain some historical knowledge, though they may not be entirely true. :D 

Bought a nail dot tool and started playing with it. :P


  1. Hi Lirong, congratulations on such wonderful results! :) I am a Year 1 student planning to take GEH1019 which has the preclusion GEK1529. However, I don't have a chem or bio background, is it ok for me to take it? Also, do you have any tips on this mod? Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and I look forward to hearing from you soon! ^^

  2. Hello! I'm a year 2 business student interested in taking this mod:) Is it possible for you to share your GEK1529 notes with me please? My email is Thank you so much!:))

  3. Hi, im interested in taking GEH1019 but not sure how is the module like, can you share the notes with me so that I can decide if im really interested? Hope you dont mind, thank you so much :)

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