Monday, December 19, 2011

A day as a homemaker

I totally live like a housewife today. No, actually most of the days as long as I'm home I live like a housewife. Lol! But today's like 100% homemaker! hahaha! 

Great morning today, since it was raining heavily! Rolled in bed until 10am then unwillingly leave my comfortable bed because the stomach needs breakfast. :/ 

Made breads right after my stomach is satisfied. So busy right? LOL! 

Christmas tree bread encore! 

Made the same bread again because the family says it's very nice! :D I replaced pandan with coffee this time round. 

Caterpillar roll. 

I'm a weird person, I don't drink coffee. In fact I can't take the smell of coffee. :( But I take any coffee-made food! LOL!

Look how soft the bread is! :D 

Been using plain flour ever since. :) 

Anyways, the family compliments that my bread is tasting better and better. Hehe! Mad happy!

 I bake to please them! :)

I always spend like 3 hours to made a batch of bread, totally deplete my energy! D: Lunched and get busy again, swept and mopped the whole house. Help to lighten my mother's workload. ^^ 

Then sent brother to school and back to prepare dinner before picking him up again. -.- 

Lamb chop! 

Marinated them with black pepper and vinegar. 

I smelled so badly because of this! :(  

I smelled even worse after making dinner! But was quite worth it when I see the happy faces of my family! :D 

My life so exciting right?

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