Sunday, June 19, 2016

Clearing backlogs - Dragon Boat Festival

Hello to whoever here! 


I have to many backlogs to begin with. 60+ drafts, where should we start? :/ 

Anyway, happy belated Dragon Boat Festival!


I made some rice dumplings. To be exact, 60 rice dumplings for the family before I flew to Taiwan. 

Read my Dayre for more! :P

My mum requested for kee chang. 

I good tip for making a golden kee chang is to soak the glutinous rice with lye rock overnight! :)

Because plain kee chang is boring.

Matcha azuki wasn't as good as last year's version. :(


Savoury bak chang.

Love the ones that I made this year. Finally I got the flavours right. ^^

Also, I'm quite happy that my dumpling wrapping skill has improved (still ugly) compared to previous 2 years. :D

Really hope to keep this tradition going. :') 

Oh, recipe of savoury rice dumpling here, in case you plan to make some for your family next year. Never too late to start learning how to make one yo~

I hope that in years to come, I'll still be wrapping dumplings every year for my little ones. :')

Till then everyone!

Hopefully I'm be back again soon. :D

Meanwhile catch me on my Dayre! I update daily there. ^^


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