I’m sending Izhar the House video that we took today. Gonna take a long long time! So meanwhile I shall blog to kill time! HAHA!
Had Mystics House Video today from 9am-6.30pm. OMG RIGHT?! Damn tiring! But I admit it was a really fun experience to work with them! Totally different from INAGAWA! In SCAMP, all we aim for is ‘short and sweet’. But in MYSTCIS, they are really damn PROFESSIONAL! Izhar did a script, in fact a very very detailed script! Then there was Phyllis (make up artist)  and Darren (Director + Cameraman). Super Professional! Especially the way Darren instructs us. HAHA! Really kinda fun, except that I’m really exhausted! Hope the video will turn out to be good :D
We managed to squeeze time out to have lunch! While everyone eats Ayam Penyet, I had my PUMPKIN! hoho! DELICIOUS ~
After video-ing, I had to rush to Punggol for my tuition :( See! Didn’t even have time for proper dinner :( Only grabbed a Purple potato bread and pineapple as dinner. :<
Came home to rush out my flag day routes and welfare route for tml’s meeting and is currently sending Izhar today’s video. You tell me how can I not be tired?
After today I look at actors and actresses differently! They are super ZAI!
Tml gonna be a long day again :(
Morning – INCEPTION with some GAMBITS! :)
Afternoon – Sport Comm meeting
Evening – Flag Comm meeting
Looking at how FOP destroys my holiday, Ding Li has no hope in brain-washing me to join MC. LOL!
I mean I have never regretted joining science club. In fact given a second chance, I would still join science club again. It’s a great year! Whole of great experiences and to meet really different kinds of people and the gossips!!! Something that I would never get out of books and whatever. So! NO REGRETS! Though it totally burns my entire holiday! :<
I actually don’t mind joining science club again, because I really think it’s a good experience and opportunity la. BUT! The thought of burning another holiday turns me off! LOL! Bye Science Club! It’s time for me to enjoy my holidays :) :):):):)
Guess what am I doing now, other than sending the videos?
Wheeee~ Daddy bought like 2 huge bags of durian yesterday!
So tasty! I cannot understand why some people can't stand Durian. It's so SWEET! :D
I shall leave everyone with these nice looking photos of durians (that are currently swimming in my stomach). Time to tumblr! YAY!