I was cooking up some dinner before the accident and suddenly the fire grew damn BIG! Before I could respond, I smell cha-ta! I thought my food was burned! Instead when I looked down! bloodly hell! MY HAIR WAS BURNED!
damn pissed off! Can you imagine your hair suddenly become a brunch of crispy, curly fries? DAMN IT! rarhs!!!!!
I actually spent an hour cutting away my poor damaged ends :( So sad la! So super upset! :( :(
There goes my hairs. D:
Sigh.. stupid stove! Give me back my healthy hair!!! :( Gonna trim and do hair treatment tml. sigh…
On the other hand, this means that I might not be able to make it for night rider tml! YAY! At the expense of my hair! T.T
Currently not only I have a red and cracked lips, I have gotten myself a head of damaged hair. WELL DONE! Lirong is getting closer to being Medusa.
My dad said I was lucky that my hair was long enough to be covering infront of me. If not it would be my clothes that had caught the fire! My goodness! Thank god that did not happen! If not it’s  GG for me! So my hair actually sacrifices to save my life. :(
Ok, so back to night rider tml. Should I go? My body says I shouldn’t, but my ‘liang xin’ says I should :X
Mummy encourages me to skip! LOL! HOW?! Really very tired to attend another night cycling le :(
After night cycling I still have to go for my medical appointment in the afternoon then flag & rag BBQ at night. Meaning, no time to rest. Sigh… HOW?! I’ve just received msg for Pei Jun for flag painting on friday too! OMG! Ok, think I’m going to turn her down.
Past few days have been really packed too.
Went to town! And spent like crazy on WASTON (cosmetics), RIPPLES (flip flop), COTTON ON (2 pairs of shoes) and FOOD! (taka food fair) lol! All these actually adds up to nearly $300. :X All I remembered was carrying 6 shopping bags home and a satisfied stomach :)
Tuition in the morning then rushed home to pack my bag for Paula’s 21st Birthday party! Which is a 3D2N chalet at NSRCC! Yes, I was away from home again. It’s like going for another camp, but a fun one! :D
The place was seriously AWESOME! Very beautiful! The moment I reached there, I thought I was back in BINTAN! Also, the chalet is really like some hotel! Really nice and class! HAHA!
Anyway the party was great! Great people! (HT HT) and great food! :D
Lirong has a serious appetite. Well trained stomach from all the buffets. LOL!
Very good catering! Just look at my plate you would know! haha!
1. Fried rice
2. Mee Siam
3. Tempura Ebi!
4. Teriyaki chicken
5. Fried fish fillet
6. Tofu with vegetables
7. Mixed vegetables with mushrooms
Really good! :D There were also fruits and desserts! :) I have also frightened off the guys with my plate of food. LOL!
The super delicious birthday cake from AWFULLY CHOCOLATE! I'm so in love with dark chocolate now. Why didn't I love dark chocolate in the past?
Our innocent card to Paula :D
So innocent. hee!
Anyway Paula your party was really AWESOME! :D Hope you like the presents too! :D
After the party we stayed up for WORLD CUP FINAL! That was in fact the only match that I watched throughout the whole World Cup. LOL! SPAIN WON! WHEEEEEE~
Watching World Cup without any goal was too boring for me, spent the night eating a really nice chips and alcohols! HAHA!
Went to bed went it was near 6am. :X and woke up at near 1pm! HAHA!
Kaya toast from Killiney. I actually don't eat Kaya cox I dislike coconut. But this tasted good even though it was cold already. Guess I must be super hungry! HAHA!
I was more excited to eat this! PASTRIES!:D :D :D From Royal Bakery! 3 different flavours: Vegetarian (with mock meat), Curry chicken and Sardine. Finsihed all with Juyin :X I think I like the sardine the best :D Thanks Paula for the brunch! :)
Rested and went out to buy BBQ things for the night! Also bought a small slice of cake for Juyin and had a small surprised birthday celebration for her! Hope you like your ‘bra’ HAHA!
We were overwhelmed with food! Cox in the end quite a few didn’t turn up  for BBQ :( In the end, I actually kinda force food into Paula’s friend. LOL!
Slept at 3am and woke up at 9am to rush to school!
Really enjoyed myself in the chalet and countless of HTHT!!! :)
10am – 12pm : Sports Comm meeting
12pm – 4pm : Flag Comm meeting
4pm – 7pm : SOW flag painting
I survived that! Finally reached home around 9pm. Miss my bed so so so much!
So today is considered as my ‘off-day’ Yet I woke up at 8am. =.= My stupid body needs breakfast!
Up coming events:
Thurs: Night Cycling
Fri: Flag & Rag BBQ
Mon: Mystics video taking
Tues: Marathon meetings again
And more to add on. Other than this, I still need to slot in time for IFG and Flag routes. :X
I don’t remember being more busy than now! Not even during my guiding days!

SOOOOO, Should I just skip night cycling?