Went for another medical appointment today with my mum. A new sinseh again and I’m very impressed by him! HAHA! A very cute and funny old man. LOL!
When I first enter the room, he started pouring out syndromes that I might have based on my appearance, WHICH ARE QUITE TRUE! Furthermore, he is able to tell that I have skin allergies merely by feeling my pulses! W-O-W! He did also point out a lot of problem that I’m facing which are all so accurate!! OMG! No wonder so many ppl recommend this sinseh (and the ppl queuing were a lot too! :X luckily we made appointment! :D )
Well, he did say a lot about my health which I really need to pay close attention to and not letting my condition worsen which can be detrimental. :( Ok, some of the things he said was quite similar to what other sinseh had pointed out!
Some major problems:
1. poor qi and xue ( thus my yellowish face and irregular period)
2. poor kidneys (thus my dark rings and backache)
3. bad digestion and adsorption system (thus my weight loss and constipation)
Ya.. and some other things too.. Basically saying my body SUX la! T.T
Due to my bad stomach, he restricted a lot of food for me! NOOOOOOOOOOOO~
So.. other than normal cold drinks, I cannot take fruit juice also! :( Fruits rich in VIT C also cannot touch! PINEAPPLE~~~~~ ORANGE~~~~~~
Can’t take alcoholic drinks. Ok, with that. HAHA!
Have to say goodbye to:
1. HOT AND SPICY! NOOOOO~ no chilli = no life!!! :( :( :(
2. Oily and fried food. DAMMIT!!!!
3. Yam, potato, tapioca, sweet potato, corn. basically starchy vege! Which are my fav!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
4. Glutinous product.
5. Coconut milk based product. Ok, I don’t like the smell of coconut  milk. haha!
6. Rojak and Popiah. Ok since I rarely eat these also.
Also, I can’t take a lot of meat. Apparently my stomach would feel ‘stress’ with too much meat. But this is not the worst yet!
My meals have to be restructured too :(
1. I can only eat fruits in the afternoon
2. I only allowed to eat until 70% full (because I get bloated easily due to my stomach, WHICH IS SO TRUE!)
3. I should follow a small but frequent meals.
Ok, I really feel very upset. :( It’s like my meals like to be super PLAIN now :( I don’t like! I want to eat BUFFET! I haven’t try ah chew’s dessert! :( I WANT CHILLI IN MY LIFE! :(
Oh ya! Did I mention that the sinseh is very humorous? HAHA!
Me: Is there any tonic or herbs that I should take to improve my condition?
Sinseh: Don’t need la! Your stomach also can’t absorb. DON’T WASTE THE TONIC!
My consultation time was the longest, cox we chatted quite long. HAHAHA! Ok, I like my new sinseh ;) Gonna go back to him in 2 weeks time. Oh, btw I have this powder medicine to eat. I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA HOW TO HAVE IT IN SCHOOL! SO MAFAN! :(
So, famous sinseh is always = expensive AND HE IS REALLY EXPENSIVE! All my previous consultations couldn’t even match half of his price! :( YOU BETTER WORK! Feel so heartache~ Because of that, I will comply to him! RECOVER PLS BODY!
Means I cannot enjoy the DND food to the fullest! :( SHIT!
Packed vegetarian food to lesson. IT WAS RICE! HAHA! Maomao got really hungry because of my food. LOL!
Looks like Yong Tau Foo would be my 'safe' food now. FASS HERE I COME! LOL!
Chocolate waffles <3 I think life is amazing! Was sms-ing twinnie the other day while having this. AND IT TURN OUT THAT SHE WAS ALSO EATING CHOCO WAFFLES AT THE SAME TIME TOO!!! OH MY GOD RIGHT?!
Potato salad today. Looks like this will be my first and last potato salad from megabits. HAVE TO FORGO POTATO~
Dinner was dumpling noodles. Guilty again cox I had 2 large spoons of chilli and green chilli. U TELL ME HOW CAN I LIVE W/O SPICE :(

no spice, no life :(