My Symposium is over~~~ GREAT! HAHA! I’m done with BATS!:D I almost died in the room! No, I wasn’t nervous at all. I only have to speak like 2mins, ntg compared to the 15mins for freshman sem! haha! IT WAS THE AIR CON THAT NEARLY KILLED ME! Freaking cold!!! Life is so unfair right? While some are burning under then sun, a group of us almost freeze in the room. Aiks.
Anyway the feedbacks for our ppt were positive too! YAY! Time to move on to report! Need some fine-tuning and 50% of the module would be done and over. =) Feel really proud of A17-20, we conquered the presentation ‘w/o’ a TA. Ya, we are like no TA around basically. All of us are going to write some ‘nice’ feedbacks at the end of the sem :X
Food (NUS):
Lor Mee. Seriously my mum can make better than this! :<
YTF from FASS~ So much tastier than SF! duh..
Vegetarian from SOE! Think it’s the best zai in NUS! :D
I did mention not wanting to eat SF’s zai anymore, but need to rush for symposium so no choice :( Luckily pumpkin makes differences! :)

YTF-FAN! First thing that came into my mind when I stepped into foodcourt. LOL! YTF blinds me, mainly for the sweet sauce. HOHO!
 Tml is tuesday~ OMG! I can survive it!!!