Had a small belated birthday celebration for chee how.
Meet at bugis (shopping spree! :D ) before heading for a movie and then dinner!

Was quite funny! HAHA! Some parts were really touching too, especially towards the end! Not a perfect movie though. I was quite distracted by kristen bell’s voice. Keep linking her voice with gossip girl. HAHA!

Wong Kok Hong Kong Cafe

Char Siew Ramen (dry)

Dumpling Noodle (soup)

Curry Fishballs

Hot & Spicy Wanton
 Finally present time~

The bday boy was happy.
Exhausted day~ Carried too many shopping bags :X
The moment I got home:
Mum: Did you eat any chilli today
*think* curry fishball, hot&spicy wanton
Me: No.