Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfast is important; 早餐很重要

If you haven't notice I've actually enrolled myself into foodie blogroll though I'm not a foodie. I just have the passion for the things that I like to eat/bake/cook. :) It's quite a big community where you can meet really passionate bakers and of course foodies! Quite a good platform for me to fish out more exciting recipes! :D Actually, I signed up also to make some extra income. heh heh! :D Bonus right? :P

I figure I should contribute something. So the first thing that I'm gonna do is a BREAKFAST POST. 

Breakfast is like the most important meal of the day! There are so many benefits of having your breakfast! One of it is of course weight control! :) Aren't we girls always obsess about slimming? It's easier to maintain your weight with breakfast taken care of so that you won't starve and over-eat for lunch! :) 

So what time is the best time to have your breakfast? Yes, crazy nutritionists actually do up the best time to have our first meal of the day! It is say to be within an hour after you have woken up. Reasonable timing. 

I believe the importance of breakfast is known by many, sadly majorities still do not eat their breakfast!  


1. No appetite early in the morning.
Ok, I admit this do happen to me sometimes especially if I had a heavy dinner the day before. But this shouldn't be stopping you from your yummy breakfast! Try something light, a little bit is better than none at all! 

2. When I wake up, it's time for lunch. 
LOL! I can't blame for this, humans are growing more and more nocturnal these days. You are forgiven for skipping breakfast. HAHAHA! But still feed yourself asap! :D 

3. I'm in a hurry, I have no time for breakfast!
This is like a super lousy excuse! Oh well, even if you have no time to sit down and appreciate your food on the table, you can always get some simple bread and eat on the go! There is always time, find them. :)

4. Breakfast is so boring, I don't like bread!
Totally disagree! Breakfast is as exciting as all other meals! Who say you can only have bread for breakfast? Nobody is stopping you from your fried bee hoon, nasi lemak, prata etc. Hello? Singapore is a food paradise pls! Just open your eyes and look! :) And who says bread is boring? Just take a stroll in breadtalk! So exciting can! haha! 

So no matter what reasons you have, they shouldn't be depriving you from getting the benefits of having breakfast! (Just go a simple google)

I'm really thankful to my parents for forcing my brother and I to have breakfast since young. Yes, both of us will try means and ways to skip our breakfast when we were kids. I forget the reason, we just didn't like breakfast as much as you do. Ya and the outcome will be a good scolding and even caning session. :/ That was how hard my parents were on breakfast.

For that, I have never skipped my breakfast since the day I was born to my strict parents. Except 2 occasions! Either I woke up late, which is quite rare since my stomach is my natural alarm. It growls always at 830am. >.< Or I'm having a lunch buffet! haha! 

My usual breakfast: 4 slices of wholemeal bread soak in a bowl of hot milk with oatmeal.

Like so healthy? haha! I never like oatmilk until my dad teaches me to eat them with milk and from that day I'm in love.  That was 4 years back and I've been eating almost the same breakfast since then. :) 

Occasionally, I switch the milk with milo and other hot drinks. Yups, this is how I'm never sick with my breakfast. Play around with your food! :)

During weekends when I have more time, I'll do something more. Like make some french toast, eggs and sausages. My brother love this kind of combination for breakfast! 

Sometimes I'll make sandwiches when my stupid body refuses to sleep more. :( A healthy mix of french toast with hams and tomatoes!

Another hearty sandwich using raisin bread, firm tofu and sausages. 

Nowadays I make pancakes! :D Yups this was the 'special' pancakes I was talking about. Heart shape! hahaha! Finally I could make some thick fluffy pancakes! :) 

I only make breakfast on weekends, weekdays we usually buy breads/buns/pau/cakes. You see, breakfast is so interesting! Variety is the key! :) 

Besides my usual milk/bread/oatmeal, my mum also make me this drink every morning. A drink filled with goodies; dried longans, red dates, wolfberries and ginseng. Have been drinking this every morning for almost a year and I've never fall sick since then! :) 

Super long naggy post! haha! More naggy post to come! :P 

Ok, enough of breakfast. Entertainment next up!

Movies to share:

I'm having a huge crush on Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Especially Chris Evans! Omg his body is to die for! Ok, both bodies are to die for and with that type of faces! PREFECT! haha! *bimbo* I think I'm in love with angmohs. Their features are so nice and sharp! Chris Evans~ <3 <3 <3 

This is my wallpaper. 


BURNING HOT! <3 <3 <3 

Conclusion: I love Chris Evans and 早餐很重要! 

PS: I'm so free to type such a long post right? HAHAHAHA! 

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