Monday, December 12, 2011

Drama + baking mania

Have been staying home this few days and so I spent all my time with baking and dramas! haha! :D 

Took me 3 days just to finish this series. I thought my eyes were going blind after finishing the drama! haha! Not a bad drama, typical plot on the fights between the concubines. 


Currently watching this now! Super addictive! I'm falling in love with 八阿哥! The drama totally portray him as the sweetest guy on Earth please! I blame dramas/movies on giving me false hope. :/ Guys like 八阿哥 only exist in my dream. Too perfect. Sigh..   

Almost done with this series too and I'm definitely going to get withdrawal syndrome! :( I want to continue seeing my 八阿哥! Why the girl don't like him~ 

菠萝包 / Melon Pau recipe

I love how nice the pau looks! :P

After egg wash


Great recipe to try! The pau was very soft, if I were to remake again I would thicken the oily skin. :) Mine is too thin. :/ 

Haha! So this is how I spent my time. Bake and watch drama at the same time! hehe! Love this kind of life! Whoohoo! 

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