Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ssikkek Korean BBQ revisit

Hungry boys and girls

Carnivorous Juyin! 


2nd buffet of the year! I'm still keeping to my New Year's resolution! Good job Lirong! :D

Anyways, it was a great catching up session!:D I haven't seen Fatty and KK for the longest time! haha! The scandalous two! :P  Also came to realised many of us are all going to become a teacher after we graduate! I guess I really have to believe that when you enter Science Faculty it's really lab or MOE in the end. :/

Yups, so the place was like really really very packed this time round! :/ We have to queue to get the food!  I don't remember it being so popular a year ago? haha! Lucky us that we were early, kinda? :P 

There's only one reason for it being so popular, $13.20 for an unlimited servings of meat. This is tempting enough. :)


I think miracles are happening to my results lately. Not that I complaining :P

Just went to check my LSM3214 results and I'm prepared for the worse because I kinda screwed it thanks to negative marking! :'( 

So I went to check my results with a heavy heart and guess what? 

The highest is 91/100 and the mean is 77/100.

I got..

89! :O :O :O


Not sure if IVLE screwed up or the Prof made a mistake? 

Please don't! HAHAHAHAHA! 

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