Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post exam FUN

1st May, Tues

Holiday = Family day <3 

Time to feast!:D  (Taken with instagram)

Sakura Charcoal Grilled & Shabu Shabu Buffet

I initially reserved a table at Pariss International Seafood Buffet but daddy says he likes the Sakura one better because there's A LOT OF MEAT for him to eat. I know right, my carnivore dad. Lol! I'm ok with it since that gonna save me more than half of the bill! :P

Taken with instagram

Seriously this is the best place for carnivores! Pork, beef, lamb, duck, chicken, seafood, etc. You will be spoilt for choices! So we just spammed the BBQ part and little on steamboat. :D

Dessert~  (Taken with instagram)18 different types of ice cream to choose from. #likeaboss (Taken with instagram)

Desserts, a wide variety too! Just ice creams there are like 18 different types! Tempted? :D

And I finished their whole tray of durian and cream puffs. Opps:X  (Taken with instagram)Need this drink again now~ #food  (Taken with instagram)

I'm so in love with their durian puffs!!!! Took like 5 plate size of that and finished their entire tray of durian and cream puffs. Oops. :X Mummy say I never give chance. LOL!
Brother made 7-up flow for me! ^^ Damn nice to drink it while having all those the hot and oily food!! :D 

So I highly recommend this place! Cheap and good food! Only down side is it's really out of the place unless you drives! :)

Buffet time!:D  (Taken with instagram)

Found this floral romper hidden deep in my wardrobe, I actually bought it more than a year ago and this is just one of the many un-touched buys. :/

Went NEX for a little shopping cum digestion time before we head home~

Spent the evening hiding at the basement to enjoy Lord of the Rings Trilogy! It had been almost 2months since we shifted in and this is my first time enjoying our home theater. :') :') :')

Anyways, we chose Lord of the Rings because it's one of my all-time-favourite movies! :D The effects are so mind blowing!!! Love it more now that I can enjoy the full sound effect at home! ^^

So by the time we finished the trilogy it's like 2am in the morning and brother was like 'jie, hungry leh' Me: hmm, yaloh but no more snacks at home already. :(
 Bro: Mcdelivery??? :D :D :D

Shaker fries and double fish fillet @3am in the morning. :/ #food  (Taken with instagram)

Double fish fillet and shaker fries at 3am in the morning. :/

I swear my brother is a bad influence for fastfood. Tsk!

2nd May, Wed

I think we slept at 4am? and woke up at 9am. Say hello to swollen eyes. T.T

Because we booked a ticket at 1030 in the morning, thinking nobody will be as crazy as us. How wrong were we?! The theater was full house! :O

Anways, the movie is damn good!!! Must watch alright?! It was like 2.5hrs long but you dont feel it's any draggy at all and that's what a good movie should be like. But I'm having a dilemma now, I cant decide which 'Chris' is hotter. :/ LOL! Love Iron Man too! Cocky yet cute! and Black Widow~ like a smart! I can't stop laughing whenver they argues! Especially Iron man, Thor and Captain America! :D  Really love this movie! haha! :D

That red bean is seducing me!!! #food  (Taken with instagram)

My lunch

Bro: You really must eat Jollipancake everyday hor?



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