Thursday, May 3, 2012


So I have been blogging religiously these days! :) Good job lirong. /pat self on the shoulder. Actually I have nothing to update about. :P So I spam you some photos of my dinner! :D 

Seafood soup.  (Taken with instagram)

Seafood soup

Braised pork belly.  (Taken with instagram)

Braised pork belly

I thought after exam I'll be able to clear my sleep debt, but apparently this is not the case. In fact I'm getting more and more nocturnal. :/ I goes to bed no earlier than 2am and wake up at 830am. Yes, exactly 830am every single morning. I hate my body clock, so accurate for? :< 

Ya, so what exactly am I doing? Haha! Busily having fun of course! :P I finally get to 'explore' my house! :D :D :D So I have been 'hiding' at the basement these days. :X Also, confession to be made. I have been playing maple. LOL! I know right! Don't judge me! :P My bro's fault! Keep asking me to play, so as a super kind sis of course I have to grant his wish right? :P

Lirong going hunting! Bye! ^^

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