Friday, June 29, 2012

Teaching experience

I is a teacher! 😁 (Taken with Instagram)

So here goes my teaching entry. :)

I must say a week of experience is too early for me to conclude anything, but at least I'm enjoying every moment of it right now. :)

Monday and Tuesday were both the 'boring' days because we were new to the school (there's another girl from NUS with me too), so we had nothing much to do and our workstations weren't ready. So we basically have long sessions of meetings with the P, VP and HODs to discuss on our projects. Yes, we have to do 2 projects in fact during this 1 month attachment. Basically to investigate on the school policy and on the current school syllabus. Another than that the two of us would just sit in the staff room and chit-chat. :P I know right. Haha! 

Anyways, I'm so glad I have my partner with me! She's a psychology major, so I made her tell me a lot of interesting facts about psychology. In exchange I also feed her with some BMS knowledge too. :D Oh boy, I love psychology! I have even thought of majoring in it if not for the essay-writings. :/

So after the 2 days of slacking and stoning, the real thing finally kicks in from Wednesday onward. :X I started to go to classes,  I assigned to teach 4 classes in fact. So besides preparing for lesson materials, I have to work on my 2 projects too. Which involves interviewing the teachers and students. I had a great time interviewing the kids though. They are like so cute! I feel myself becoming kiddish too but just speaking with them. Haha! It's kinda stress relieving to talk to them. :) However, there are also naughty ones around too. But I'm managing! 

Yups, so the rest of the week has been really fruitful, busy yes but I feel that at least my time has been spent in a meaningful way. :) Oh, and I feel super lucky to be posted to this school! Because the staff are like super nice seriously, especially my mentor! The P and VPs are really good to us too, they are really concern if we are coping because they know we are inexperience in teaching and we have projects on hands too. Yups, so they really offered a lot of help to us which indeed lessen our burdens. :) So glad I'm meeting so many nice people around me. :') 

Still feeling very unbelievable that teaching is really going to become my future career. It's kinda amazing that I'm actually standing in front of the class now, being greeted as Miss Sun when 10-15 years back I was just like one of them seated on the chair waiting for the clock to strike 1pm. 

Life is filled with surprises really. :)

For the chocolate lovers! 👍👍👍 (Taken with Instagram)Good morning!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Perhaps the pain of teaching would be the working hour. I have to wake up at 6am in the morning. :( So I'm like super exhausted and tired by 10pm. But again, you get to log off anytime after the normal school hour (1pm). So give and take right? 

Ok, the next issue is food. Canteen food for the rest of my educating career, especially primary school canteen? Nooo, I cannot. 

Mee rebus. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Mee Rebus

#lunch #food #sgfood  (Taken with Instagram)

Chye Peng

#lunch #food #sgfood #noodles  (Taken with Instagram)

Fish ball noodles

Do u still rmb your pri sch food?  (Taken with Instagram)

So busy today that I have to takeaway to work and eat at the same time. 

Actually taste well is not bad, but the portion of the food is so so small, my poor black hole. D: Though we can go out for lunch like all the other staff, we chose to reminisce our primary days. :P
Anyways, my partner and I learned our lesson after the first day. We bought snacks the next day onward. LOL! 
In fact if you walk around the staff room, there is hardly any table without A LOT of snacks on it. Teaching is calories-burning please, my legs can die just after one period of lesson. :'( 

Oh! I must really say one very bimbo thing about teaching that I like as compared to lab work. Get ready to fall off the chair please.


Stop judging me! This is very important you know. Otherwise I won't get to wear them and they will just end up collecting dust in my wardrobe. Such a waste isn't it? 

Don't worry I'm a good teacher still? 

Quick dinner before I go and fetch the bro, he’s the boss now. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

Cooked a simple dinner before I rushed out to fetch the brother home. 

One plate is of course not enough to seal the black hole, was so hungry while waiting for the brother that I got a little pissed off. I waited for like 45mins before he finally appear upon my eyes! That amount of time I could have fed on more food! :(
But I think he was also a bit guilty too, so he promised to buy me good lunch tml. For that we are good again. LOL! 

Feed my hungry stomach again. :’)  (Taken with Instagram)

Made myself food again when we are back. :D

This is not a normal fried egg alright, there are pork floss and mayo sandwiched! 
Yummy it is. <3

Felt a bit guilty after eating though. 4 eggs at one go plus the pork floss and mayo, I'm totally asking for high blood cholesterol. 

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