Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NUS: Commencement 2012

Went to work as usual just that today is much more 'happening'. 

Eggciting~  (Taken with Instagram)

Brought the P3 kids out to Peranakan Museum in the morning and I almost died.

First, the P3 in school alone are already like monkeys. LOL! I'm sorry to say that, but they are really super hyperactive! So when you bring them out, they literally go like wild wild. I have them running here there, playing hide and seek with me and shouting real loud in a museum. OMG, the teachers were so afraid that the security guards gonna chase us out. /hide face

Ask me what did I see in the museum? Sorry, I didn't have the luxury to admire the place. :/
So shagged after we got back to school! 

Famished totally after a morning with the hyperactive kids! /phew  (Taken with Instagram)

Lunch tasted extraordinary because I was that famished.

Li Ki and I had to rush our projects after lunch since we were out the whole morning and we were last minute informed to have a meeting with the zonal director this Thurs regarding our projects. :/
My eyes totally can pop with all the gluing to the laptop. 

Anyways, logged off earlier today to attend the Chem major's commencement. :)

Paula! :D

Juyin! :D

Ervin and Alvin!

Hidaya, who is having her commencement tml, but I can't attend. :'(


I'm really thankful for Gambits because I met them and HOW TIME SERIOUSLY FLIES! It has been 3 years, 3 years of memorable friendships. All the best my dear friends. 

Anyways, I never felt the urge to graduate till just then, I guess it's the sadness that the friends who came with you are all leaving. :( 

Oh by the way, it's such a pain to graduate! Is tired to the maximum please! Ok, maybe for that I don't really want to graduate.

Ok, I'm really dead tired. 

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