Thursday, July 12, 2012

What you don't know about education

This afternoon I have the honour of attending a meeting with the zonal director together with my school leaders. Although it was painful at first because I was last minute being informed that I have to vomit out a report for the meeting. Yes, so basically the whole morning was me and my laptop. My eyes totally can pop anytime. 

Anyways the meeting was at 3pm and thank god I managed to put up the report at 2.50pm! Phew! My blood pressure must be mountain high then. But I must say all the hard-work did not put to waste, though I only spoke like 1min of the entire 3hour long meeting. I was however truly and greatly influenced and inspired by our zonal director. I think she is really a very devoted educator and I sincerely look upon her as a role model. 

I think the meeting might be quite confidential so I leave out the details. I can only say I'm more than honored to be part of this pioneer project and it was really an eye-opening experience for me I would say, to witness how the educational leaders actually sit down to discuss and draw out the plans and pathway for our kids. Boy, I couldn't believe how much I've grown and matured! I'm actually going from being a student to a teacher and now even drawing plans for our next generation. Let me cry a bit first thank you. :') By the way, today's meeting was on the educational strategies for 2020! Yes, this is how far-sighted our government is.

Alright, this sums up my very fruitful day in school today. :) 

How I bribe the kids. :p  (Taken with Instagram)

I'm a teacher who practices bribery. LOL! Just joking. :P

This is #favourite :D #lunch #meesiam  (Taken with Instagram)#meerebus is surely one of my fav #food :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Only coming back to school reminds me of how I used to be a hardcore fan of mee rebus and mee siam. The auntie is so cute too! She will save a bowl of mee siam/rebus for me for lunch now! :P

Can’t stop loving you~ ^^ #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

But I love my pumpkin rice more. 

Hello, I’m a pumpkin killer. :) #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

Yesterday daddy saw dinner was pumpkin rice and he went 'aiyo, pumpkin again ar?' 
Alright, I'll try to control. D:

Comfort #food after a long day of meeting. :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Tonight's dinner.

Alright, no matter how much I love teaching, I still TGIF! 

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