Monday, July 16, 2012

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

Dinner :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Having heard so much about Wild Honey being one of the best all-time-breakfast-places in the country, I was highly anticipating this food outing with Ginny and Cass. :D 

Taken with Instagram

So glad they didn't disappoint us either. :)

English breakfast!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Wild Honey's signature dish; the famous English Breakfast, $24.

 Definitely a huge portion, it can easily feed two normal girls I guess. Don't you feel like a king just by having this? I love their scrambled eggs especially! <3

Tunisian breakfast. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Another Wild Honey's signature; Tunisian Breakfast, $19.

I knew I wanted to try this along with the English breakfast before even coming down, it was nothing less than heaven to soak the bread into the tomato stew. <3 There was a hint of spicy and sourness in it, just the way I love it to be. :D I think the most exciting part of this breakfast is its 2 poached eggs in the middle. SHIOK!

Persian breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)

Persian Breakfast, $24. 

Seen simple but it's actually my favourite out of the 3. This is catered for the sweet tooth definitely. By the way, this is only available at Scotts Square.

Breakfast-dinner:)  (Taken with Instagram)

A family shot before we indulge in the heaven of eggs and toasts. :D

&lt;3 (Taken with Instagram)
Spamming photos!:P (Taken with Instagram)

Camwhore session after a good food therapy! :D We even shifted the chairs just to take nicer photos. 

Triplets!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Guess which is mine? :P

Taken with Instagram
Taken with Instagram

<3 girls.

Anyways, I totally recommend this place, good food and nice ambiance.  But please come during the weekdays, don't try the weekends if you are looking for a place to chill and slowly enjoy your food without being hurried to clear the seats for other customers. :) 

Next stop Hatched! 

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