Sunday, July 15, 2012

A whole new world

Gave my room a whole new makeover at Ikea today. 

Knew I have to get them the moment I saw these two pretty things :) #loveatfirstsight (Taken with Instagram)

My favourite buy today! These were totally love at first sight. ^^

Pretty lamp :D (Taken with Instagram)

bought a pair of this pretty lamp too. 
Don't ask me why I need to many lamps in my room, too pretty that's why I have to get them. 

Fix these by myself!:D I can be a carpenter too!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Felt like I have conquered Mt. Everest after I managed to fix these two bedside drawers by myself! Stupid brother refused to help me! :( But nvm, who needs a guy when I'm this strong! #selfconsoleonly  

#subway #ham #healthy #lunch #food #sgfood #fastfood #foodphotography  (Taken with Instagram)Favourite cold cut!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Wanted to get Ikea meatball and chicken wings! But the queue was too long and we were too hungry from the shopping, so we settled for Subway for lunch at Counts next door. 

I probably have no use for them, but they are too cute to miss. :X  (Taken with Instagram)

These have to be the most useless stuff I bought today. But so cute to miss right. Right?? LOL!

I also bought 3 pieces of mats and some photo frames for my room, so pretty. <3 Plus a few art pieces to hang around the house and a spotlight for the basement. Seen like I didn't really buy much but these were at the expense of $310. :X 

I probaby will be going back to Ikea again next weekend, these time round with mummy because she was so tempted by my buys! Hahaha! She also wanna get a bedside drawer and a few more decorations for the house. That's a good news for me, because having mummy to tag along means mummy will foot the bill. HAHAHAHA! 

Blood vessel clotting dinner. :/ (Taken with Instagram)

Pig tails and trotter soup
I swear our blood vessels will definitely clog. I kept telling daddy not to buy these type of life-shortening-food but, he couldn't listen. Of course it's shiok to eat this, but not too often when just had this last night too. 

Vit A! #food #sgfood #dinner #carrot #homemade  (Taken with Instagram)

At least we have healthy carrot to detox a bit

Ok, good night, Miss Sun is going to lesson tml with a toad voice.

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