Friday, August 3, 2012

MOE Teaching Scholarship 2012

Excused from lab for the ceremony. :D

Images koped from Wee Xiang, who was siting just infront of me together with Li Ki! At least I'm not so lonely. :D 

Though the ceremony was at 3pm we had to report at 11am for a rehearsal.

Spicy Korean for lunch!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Lunch, Korean Spicy Seafood Ramen. 

Li Ki had the same one but she could finish hers because of the spiciness. But I was like, 'ok leh!' 

Slurp! 🍜🍜🍜 (Taken with Instagram) 

Slurped off every single bites. 

Went back for the Ceremony which ended off with a Tea Reception. 

Tea reception! :) #food  (Taken with Instagram)

I swear I wasn't hungry at all since we had a late lunch. 

Soon kueh and Samosa. Died. 😂 #food  (Taken with Instagram)

So I told myself, 'Ok, let's just try ONE of each items'

Okay, I should know myself best that I can't trust my stomach. 

I just do my fav hobby, EAT! The next moment I finished 7plates of these soon Keuh. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

7 plates of these goodies. 

Seriously I wasn't hungry at all I swear, otherwise it won't even be 7 plates. LOL! Oh, and I had a lot of samosa too! Le sigh.. I'm forever showing the World my black hole. No wonder #foreveralone. Oh wells, at least another of my craving is down! :D 

See my cute Papa, he ate no less than me too. :P

Daddy damn cute! I think he's hungry or what, he went to grab food immediately and kept telling me the soon kueh were very nice. LOL!

Thank you Mr Chan and Mrs Ong for coming! 😊😊😊 (Taken with Instagram)

I stopped eating only to take photos with Mr Chan and Mrs Ong who came down for me. Awww~ <3

Ok, my face damn fat here :( I was battling with the soon kueh before the photo. LOL! Pig totally! Anyways, it was a great chat and catching up with them. Like really how time flies eh? We were like, 'Hello future colleagues!' Mrs Kwang and Mr Wong came too. But they left earlier so didn't have the chance to catch up with them. I saw my Primary School VP too and she hasn't aged after all these years! Wow! 


Back home and mummy requested me to take a nice photo of her, so here goes! 

Nice not? I tried my best.

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