Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunar New Year Day 11

Met up with my panda girls for a reunion dinner aka steamboat feast at Liang Seah Street. Honestly it's my first time to this famous street in Bugis. #noobieme So we spent quite some time before deciding on Zhong Hua Steamboat, 中华火锅,拉面 (I did do some research beforehand yo). 

Healthy corner.

Seafood and some others. 

This is my faves corner. 

Oh, there's also cooked food too. Mainly dumplings, goyza and fried mantou. Oh, there's stir fried maggie too! Which was so good!

Probably just 1/5 of the food we had. 

Dig in! 

3 hours of non-stop eating and laughing. <3

Zhong Hua Steamboat
95, Beach Road,
#01-01, Creative House
(End of Liang Seah Street)

After a satisfying dinner, we crossed to street and headed for a much needed dessert to cool ourselves from the steamboat. Ah Chew Dessert it is! 

Grass Jelly with Fruit Cocktails

Watermelon Sago

The most order of course, Mango Pomelo Sago.

Ah Chew Desserts
1 Liang Seah Street
01-11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore


  1. hey thanks to this post, decided to try out their steamboat and felt that u deserve some credit!

    kudos to you!


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