Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday celebration part 1

Hello everybody! Yes I'm 23 years old and I'm going to confess something, please do not laugh! I for god-knows-why-reason can't remember my age! I have to ponder a few seconds whenever I'm being asked. IKR. Totally weird. 

Anyhow, I had an early birthday celebration last Sunday. Wells, not really a big celebration, just a little gathering with the relatives. :) 

The cake. 

Bird view. 

Side view. 

Inner view. 

The naughty boy who can't wait to demolish the cake. 

Me being super happy with the cake. (Y)

Everyday we steamboat-ing~ 

*released the monster in me* :P

Oh yes. My first birthday present from the brother after 23 years. 

A running man tumbler!! 

Another cake on my actual birthday, 20th march :D 

I can now gladly declare that I've baked a rainbow cake!!! 



  1. Happy Birthday, Lirong!! Your cakes look amazing! Looks like you've had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends =)

  2. Hi! Chanced upon your blog while looking for life sci related stuffs.
    Hm can I ask you qns on FYP since I dont have much seniors to approach!
    What specialization are you in and what prof are you under? Any friendly tips for your junior who's gg onto year 4 :DD Thanks

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