Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: Maison Kayser

After our yummy dinner at Dome, we crossed over to Maison Kayser for more sweet treats. Yes, they are literally next to each other. 

Maison Kayser is a rather popular bakery originated from Paris. They are known for their widespread of patisserie and boulangerie selections. Definitely a great place for someone like me who can't afford a ticket to France. Heh. 

We were there really late, so most of their sweet treats were already sold out. Being the nice people we are, we helped the waitress by sweeping their reminding desserts clean. :P 

Background: Choux Ala Creme, $3.46.

My only complain was the choux was a little too dry for my liking. 

Foreground: Tarte Au Framboise, $5.42.

Love the little hint of sourness coming from the raspberries which balanced out the overall sweetness. 

Eclair Gianduja (parline), $3.46.

Eclair is like the signature of Maison Kayser. Which probably is the reason why this was the only eclair left on the shelf *ordered immediately*

Tart Monge, $5.80.

Really impressed with this tart for the different layers of flavours. From bottom up, crust, white cheese, sponge, white cheese and the jelly layer with lots of berries. 

Flan, $5.60.

The quickest to be polished by us. Not without reason of course. We love how the tart resembles are local egg tarts which I suspect is due to the custard filling.

Tarte Brazilia, $5.60.

My personal favourite of all! The chocolate was so rich!! Omg! I need another one now! T.T

I actually didn't want to share this. LOL. 

Maison Kayser
Scotts Road, #B1-09 Scotts Square (Orchard MRT), Tel: +65 6636 3672
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm Daily


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