Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Pancake Party (2)

Welcome to the second issue of #sundaypancakeparty

For this week, we had PUMPKIN as the theme. 
Well, it isn't hard to guess who set that theme. :P 

My plate of heaven: 5 pieces of pumpkin heart-shape pancakes (tasted like kueh-ish)
roasted pumpkin wedges
steamed pumpkin
poached egg
pumpkin purée 
cinnamon powder

Judging from the plate, I've cooked too much. But, what's new? :P
 Anyway, you're suppose to feast like a king queen for breakfast. So all is well! ^^ 

Loving every bites on the plate. :')

Of course I'm not going to stop here. Here's a visual of what the rest prepared based on the pumpkin theme. Get ready your napkins!  

So what if I've yellow/orange skin? Can't stop me from having my pumpkin~ <3 


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