Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recipe: Pumpkin and apple salad

Pumpkin and apple salad.

This was definitely inspired from the one I had from Hifumi, with modifications of course.

Pumpkin, diced
Green apple, diced
Red apple, diced
Handful of associated nuts
Handful of raisins

1. Roast pumpkin at 200C for 30minutes or until soft. Let it cool.
2. Mix the roasted pumpkin, apples and nuts and raisins in a bowl. Add in spoonful of mayonnaise. Toss well.
3. Chill in fridge before serving.

ps: I did not specific any quantity because the amount is up to personal preference.

2 healthy bowls for our snack time. ^^

Made this the second time but I replaced the pumpkin with sweet potatoes. I find sweet potatoes being a little too dry for this, pumpkin is still a better choice in my opinion.

Let me know which you prefer ya?


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