Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Dessert First

Besides being known for steamboat, Liang Seah Street is also famous for the various Asian desserts located in the area. 

After trying Ah Chew's Dessert sometime back, we decided to cross the street and head for Dessert First. 

Treats of the night.

Taiwan Aiyu Jelly with Mango and Nata de coco, $4.20. 

A very common dessert that you'll find on almost all Asian dessert menu.

Durian snow ice, $6.

Compared to its counterpart, durian shaved ice, I would recommend this. The snow ice would melt in your mouth literally. 

Waffles with banana and nutella, $8.50.

Waffles were kinda disappointing, it was really dry. Well, can't really expect much or compare them to waffles speciality. 

In short, just stick to what they do best, the Asian desserts. ^^

8 Liang Seah Street, #01-04, S189029
Contact: 6333 0428
Operating hours: Mon to Thu: 1630 - 1230

                     Fri & Sat: 1300 - 0100

             Sun: 1300 - 2330


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