Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ad: Easter at Gastronomia

As Easter is approaching, the good people from Da Paolo Group has created these really cute bunny cupcakes! 

Too cute to be eaten right?! 

These Easter bunny cupcakes can be found at any Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet @ $4.80 each, for either chocolate or vanilla frosting on the butter cupcakes. 

I also had my first Crodo! Have been wanting to try this yummy treat for the longest time! 

Crodo as the name suggest, is a fusion between croissant and doughnut. It was first introduced on 10 May 2013 by French Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel as 'Cronut' in his bakery based in New York City. While Da Paolo Group was the first in Singapore to recreate its own version and named it the 'Crodo', which were sold out islandwide usually by the first hour of opening! 

Doughnut fans can now enjoy a doughnut with the luscious texture of a croissant. While croissant lovers can enjoy the same light fluffy delicate layers of croissant, but paired adventurously with the sweet fried sugared delights of doughnut. Life is good. 

I was lucky to taste the new Crodo flavour, cookies & cream ($4.90). 

On the outside, it appears like any ordinary doughnut. However, it is actually made from croissant dough and deep-fried before cream filled with cookies & cream and finished with a sweet glaze of white chocolate and cookies & cream coated pretzels.  

Finally I could comprehend the hype about this Crodo. I'm sold. Can't wait to try the other flavours, which includes chocolate and cream crodos! 

Visit Da Paolo Gastronomia for more details or follow them on their Facebook page to receive the latest news! 

ps: read more about my experience with Da Paolo's Catering here


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