Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ad: Bread Society's Spring/Summer 2014 bread and pastry creations

Good news to all bread lovers! :D 

This summer, Artisanal bakery, Bread Society, is proud to present its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection comprising of 5 new delectable creations crafted by Japanese pastry chef Atsushi Murata. 

1. Almond Pithivier,  $2.20.
A traditional French puff pastry baked to golden-brown perfection, it is filled with rich almond cream with a crispy pastry that crumbles at every bite. 

I love the flaky puff pastry especially! The almond cream taste isn't very strong, which caters very well for people who don't particularly fancy the unique taste of almond, but don't wish to miss out on the health benefits of it.

2. Cinnamon Dark Rye, $2.20.
Shaped in a horse shoe, this dark rye bread is infused with fragrant cinnamon and assorted nuts for an extra crunch.

If I have to choose, this would be my favourite among the four that I have tasted. I totally love the combination of cinnamon and the assorted nuts in the bread. In fact, the bread is so packed with the goodness of nuts! Also, using rye flour provides greater health benefits than the conventional wheat flour. 

3. French Garlic, $2.00. 
Enjoy freshly roasted garlic spread on soft French bread that makes it a great prelude to a meal or just add other fillings to make it a savoury sandwich! 

If you love garlic bread AND French baguette, you would love this creation from Bread Society! I have to agree that the garlic spread is so flavourful and the French bread remained soft even when I had it on the second day! 

4. Traditional Raisin Baguette, $1.80.
Using the traditional technique of making baguette, the dough is rested for long hours in low temperature for fermentation. This produces a more flavourful taste and chewy texture while the raisins lend a hint of sweetness. 

Can I say I love this baguette too? Oh my god, I'm totally a sucker for bread. :P If you love your bread to be slightly chewy, this one is made for you! :) 

5. Anpan Brioche, $1.80. (not in picture)

An excellent blend of French and Japanese baking techniques and tastes, this light brioche bun is infused with the natural sweetness of Japanese anpan (red bean paste) and topped with chia seeds.

A pity that I didn't get to try this creation as it was out of stock. :/
 I'll be sure to get it the next time to satisfy my love for red bean! :D Also, it is topped with chia seeds, which has a lot of health benefits!  

If you haven't realised, Bread Society's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection seem to be focusing a lot on healthy living ya? With the inclusion of various 'power-food' as their ingredients. 

These breads are available for a limited time only, from 8 May to 30 June @ the two Bread Society outlets at ION Orchard and Suntec City

Also, you would be able to enjoy 15% off with the purchase of any three Spring-Summer breads. 

So hurry and head down now!^^ 

Available at:
Suntec City 
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 6338 4344
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
 Tel: 6509 4434

Thank you Bread Society for the yummy treat! ^^ 


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