Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: So Pho

JEM and Westgate seem to be the area of exploration for the boy and I now since we travelled to the West like EVERYDAY. Sigh pie. :/

So after Ippudo and The Soup Spoon here's another place that we went, So Pho. (Miam Miam, Menya Musashi are still waiting in my backlog. :P)

We were here on a weekday lunch and it almost feels that we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Not that we are complaining, since we could have some quiet time together. <3 

A special Vietnamese coffee. 

Basically, the coffee beans were grinded to fine before pouring hot water over to let it slowly sip though into the cup which contains condensed milk. Interesting, but we are surely not a fan. Just for fun. :)

Papaya salad. 

A refreshing one to kick start our appetites! 

Beef Pho. 

I guess since we already had one of the best pho in Singapore, this was really quite a disappointment. :/ The soup itself was already a let down with too much MSG tasted. 

Vietnamese spring rolls.

Was quite disappointed that they took what seem like ages! Just to serve us our spring rolls. :/ We were just about to call for the bill as we thought they have forgotten our order. 

Overall, food was average while the service definitely needs much improvement. Anyway, I kinda saw that some tables ordered their dried noodles which looked so much more appetizing! Perhaps give their dried noodles a try when you're there instead of the pho (irony right?). As for me, I don't see any plans for returning as of yet. 

So Pho
50 Jurong Gateway Road 
#B1-08, Jurong East
Singapore 608549


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