Friday, August 29, 2014

Media Invite: The Royal Mail Restaurant and Bar

Established in 2012, The Royal Mail Bar, an extended beverage arm of The Royal Mail Restaurant, has revamped their menu! 

This new facelift introduces new speciality cocktails and British-inspired tapas on its menu. 

A trademark of the bar is the eye-catching round counter where revellers can ensconce themselves and savour their food and drinks. I especially love how full of energetic and lively the bartenders were. 

My eyes were definitely on the bar's collection of spirits and whiskeys on display. My little confession here, I love to collect alcohol bottles.  

Anyhow, back to topic. :D 

We definitely had a great night sampling all the new cocktails on the menu, which was launched after a three months of hard work by the kitchen and bar team. Now guests can expect an appetizing range of speciality cocktails, a well-curated range of whiskeys and spirits, as well as bar grub that boast modern British sensibilities. 

I can't see I'm a hard core fan of alcohol. In fact, I rarely drinks. Thus, I'm really glad that most of the drinks of the menu were really 'mild'. 

In picture are two of the signature drinks. 

Left: Old Fashioned Spice, a perennial favourite which was given a slightly sweetened aftertaste with the deft infusion of honey and clove. However, with the addition of Bourbon in it. This is not a drink to play with. 

Right: Timeless English, two classics are cohesively melded here - earl grey tea ans the classic martini drink. One of the lady drink of the menu which I really like.

Billion Dollar Margarita - Tequila and Grand Mariner shaken with Lime Juice, garnished with Gold Flakes.

Another drink that won my heart. 

Agent 006  - Muddled Lime Juice, Sugar and Mint leaves, with Rum and Lychee Juice with a burning stream of Bacardi 151

The Bacardi 151 says all. However I did enjoy that burning sensation. :D 

Be My (Man)go - Mango Puree blended with Rum and Sugar
Plum Job - Sour Plum Powder shaken with Vodka and Sprite, garnished with a Sour Plum for a lingering taste

Featuring another 2 of my favourite which were really light on the taste bud. 

Especially love the name of this drink, Be My (Man)go. 

It's nothing more than a shaved ice mango with a little hint of alcohol in it. I'll definitely order this again! 

Some other drinks that you can expect from the extensive menu! Yes, I survived the night. Still walking straight after the event. :D 

What's drinking without some food right? 

BBQ Sweet & Spicy Meat Balls and Shrimp Paste Chicken Drumlets.

Moist and juicy. Definitely satisfying. 

Sounds like our Har Cheong Gai from the tze char stall? Technically you're right. Who can resist beer with deep fried food? I can't. 

Sauteed Chorizo Sausages & Toasted Bread

I love sausages. This was great in flavours! However, I feel that the bread was not really needed? The two didn't go quite well I guess. 

Sweet Potato Chips served with Onion and Shallot Salsa. 

Now this is what I call ADDICTIVE. Almost polished the entire basket by myself. :P 

Beer Battered Calamari Rings with Wasabi Alioli 

I was looking for my chilli sauce until I dipped my calamari rings into the wasabi alioli. 
What's chilli sauce? 
Just give me wasabi alioli anytime! 

Garlic Bread.

A really unique way to plate our typical garlic bread. However, I feel that it was a little over-toasted, thus too drying. :/ 

Couldn't really remember the name of this pizza. :/ 

But it was a great bite as the pizza crust was bread-like and most importantly, thin. Thus, it won't exactly fill you up. :) 

Now, moving on to the favourite bar grubs of the night. In my opinion of course. 

Straight Cut Fries with Truffled Mayo.

Hard core fans of truffles, you can't miss this. The truffled mayo totally lighted up the ordinary fries. One basket is not enough for me. I'm serious. This is dead addictive. 

Cubed Beef Prime Roast with spicy crab tomato and bearnaise sauce. 

This is a signature dish of The Loyal Mail Restaurant, which is being transformed into dainty cubes served medium rare. This was definitely a dish that surprised many of us! I suggest you have it without the sauces though. Not that the sauces weren't good, they were really good in fact. Especially the spicy crab tomato. However, I feel that the sauces would stole the limelight away from the beef itself. 

Gorgeous, you deserve another picture. 

 Creme brulee. 

I got to say dessert might not be the strength of The Royal Mail. Overly sweetened for sure. Thus, be nice and share! ^^
The Royal Mail also offer daily bar promotion.
Monday – 1 for 1 full pint draught beer
Tuesday – 1 for 1 all cocktails
Wednesday – 1 for 1 single malt whiskies by the glass
Thursday – All martinis at $5++
Friday – House pour liquor by the glass at $5++
Saturday – 1 for 1 on house pour liquor by the bottle
Sunday – 5 bottles of selected bottled beers at $35++
The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar
The Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
2 Finlayson GreenTel: 6509 3589
Operating hours: Mon-Fri: 630am – 1030am, 12pm – 3pm, 630pm – 11pm
Sat: 7am – 11am, 630pm – 11pm
Sun & PH: 7am – 11am


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