Saturday, August 23, 2014


Everyone is familiar with Breadtalk's bread. You could probably list a few of them! However, have you ever tried this household brand's mooncake collection? 

This Mid-Autumn Festival, BreadTalk unveils a dazzling collection of five exquisitely-designed mooncake boxes; each comprising a delectable assortment of popular and new flavours of baked and snow skin mooncakes.

I don't know about you, but the packaging of the mooncake is definitely one of the most important deciding factor for me to purchase the mooncake. 

In my opinion, Breadtalk has won me over for their elegant packaging. I thought it makes a very decent gifting box! 

INDULGENCE (4-piece box, $52.80 for Lotus with yolk blend or $48.80 for Lotus with melon seeds)

Lotus with Yolk Blend provides a pleasing savoury and sweet combination.

While melon seeds add bite and flavour to the smooth lotus paste in the Lotus with Melon Seeds. 

I definitely appreciate that the sweetness of the mooncakes were quite at an acceptable range. 

JOYOUS (8 mini-piece box, $52.80).

JOYOUS showcases eight mini snow skin mooncakes, each enveloping a truffle with different tantalising flavours; an alluring Coffee Baileys, Whiskey, fragrant and smooth Black Sesame, as well as a rich, velvety Double Chocolate.

My favourite has to be the black sesame! Call me bias, I've always been a fan of black sesame and the extremely strong fragrance of black sesame in this mooncake is a total delight for me. Second choice would be the coffee baileys! But actually, the chocolate and the whiskey are good too! Oops. Me and my greediness. :P However, I don't quite like the skin though. it was too thick for my liking. I guess the fillings make up for that loss. :D 

So grab this opportunity to try Breadtalk'saked and snow skin varieties! Available from 19 July to 8 September 2014 only! 

Here are some of the promotions that you can look out for. :)

20 Aug – 8 Sep 
Purchase any 2 boxes of Prestige/Indulgence/Joyous at 20% discount

19 Jul – 31 Aug 
UOB cardmembers enjoy 25% discount off Prestige/Indulgence + 1 box of Joyous

19 Jul – 31 Aug 
Enjoy 30% off purchase of 2 boxes of Prestige or Indulgence with 14th Anniversary bounceback coupon 

28 Aug – 8 Sep
Enjoy $10 off purchase of a box of Prestige (limited to 2 boxes per customer) with Lianhe Wanbao cut-out coupon

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