Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Media Invite: SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro

Are you a Korean food fan? I'm surely one! :D Tteokbokki, kimchi, ramyeon, kimbap, army stew, jajangmyeon... and the list just goes on and on. <3 Just read my holiday in Seoul, Korea, and you'll know how much I love Korean food. 

Anyway, back to topic, are you able to recognise the food below?

On the left: Kimchi cheese fries.
On the right: Tteokbokki topped woth fried bacon and eggs.

Doesn't sound like a normal type of Korean food? 

Yups, that's right!

SYNC is a modern Korean cuisine restaurant serving our favourite Korean food with a twist!

Right tucked at one corner of Westgate, it's definitely a restaurant that you cannot miss! Read on and you'll find out why I love the place so much. ^^

This is the Al fresco dining area. It gets really packed at night with people coming to chill after work and perhaps catching up over some beers.  An ideal place to catch a match together as well!

Yups, they have a bar, well stocked with full range of wine, beer and cocktails, just for people who needs a drink or two after a long day at work. A huge TV at the corner as well, playing different matches of the day. 

Before you enter the restaurant itself, you will notice this flight of stairs. Leading to where? To Samsung store (2nd floor) located just below SYNC Bistro (3rd floor)! Yes they are connected and I'll let you know why in a bit. 

I love how the design is so modern and it feels just like home to me. :) According to Vanessa, the owner has put in a lot of effort to design the restaurant! Everything from the interior design to the forks and spoons that you use. So much effort ya? 

At one small area of the restaurant you would notice a corner that feels just like your living room? 

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro is powered by Samsung! So this is the reason why the two are connected through the staircase. :) The idea is to bring good food with technology to customers in a stylish and comfortable ambience.

While waiting for dinner, you could probably explore the latest Samsung technology here!

There is even a small corner dedicated to the little ones! Kids nowadays are definitely much more IT-savvy! So here at SYNC Bistro, they provide a kids' corner for young children to experience the latest electronic gadgets with free apps download and a area for young professionals and even senior citizens to enjoy! 

At the same time, adults can enjoy a meal in peace without worrying that the kids would be bored. They probably wouldn't want to leave the place! Heh. 

And here is the menu.. on Samsung's tab! If you want to impress your date, this could be the place! 

SYNC Bistro is probably one of the first technologically enhanced bistro for building up the interest in allowing higher quality of life through smart use of innovation! 

Now, let's talk food. The technology impressed me, so did the food!

Tteokbokki with fried bacon and egg. 

This is a newly created dish, so it's not up on the menu yet. But definitely soon!

What makes the dish special would be this soft boiled egg. Flowy yolk always excites me! :D The boy who isn't a fan of rice cakes actually commented that they were nice! 

Kimchi Cheese Fries, $8. 

If you're sceptical about kimchi and cheese going hand in hand, this all-time favourite on the menu will surely prove you wrong. We were so addicted that we couldn't stop munching on them! To begin with, we actually reminded each other to leave space for more dishes to come. :P 

Korean Fried Chicken, $12 for 8 pieces.

My only disappointing would probably be this. Chicken was served cold and it wasn't crispy. :/ Better luck next time! ^^

Moving on to the mains. 

K-pop stew, $16. 

I don't know about you, but I'm always having a love-hate relationship with army stew. I love army stew! I like how I get to enjoy so many different ingredients in one pot. However.. the serving size of army stew is always so huge! You probably need at least 4 people to finish? That will also means that you wouldn't have enough space in your stomach to hold other yummy Korean food! Boo! D: 

But with this individualised, K-pop stew, I can now satisfy my army stew craving without worrying about the portion! :D Why didn't any other Korean restaurants come up with this earlier? So brilliant! :D 

Jajangmyeon, $12.90. 

This is another new dish that is not on the menu yet, but coming soon~ 

A ready tossed Jajangmyeon to save you from the trouble of mixing the sauce or maybe getting the sauce stained on your shirt as well! 

Noodles was so favourable that I finished the entire bowl and wanting for more! I would definitely come back for more! 

Bibimbap, $15. 

A Korean classic for sure. However with a fusion of course. Instead of serving on a hotstone, the entire dish is just served on a normal bowl. So no sizzling of rice. No sunny up egg as well, we have a soft boiled egg here! 

Drenched with sauce before a good mix. I had two portions of the hot sauce! Hehehe.. To make up for the lack of fragrance from the sizzling rice, sesame oil is given! *yums*

Here you go~ 

I would say, I still prefer my pipping hot, hotstone bibimbap. Nonetheless, it's still a refreshing change with the generous ingredients. Try it let me know if you like the change? :) 

Here comes desserts! The 2 of us were still going strong, despite finishing every single plate! Not kidding when I say the food is really good! 

Warm taro lava cake with white chocolate and ice cream, $10. 

This was the reason for me to travel all the way to the West! 

Wherelse can you find Taro lava cake other than SYNC Bistro. More importantly, it was so good! Every mouthful was filled with the taro lava. :') 

Matcha Lava Cake with ice cream, $10. 

Matcha lovers look here. This is a matcha lava cake that you can't miss!

Look at how much it oozed! *.* 

No captions needed. 

Besides, food, there are also a huge variety of beverages to choose from! 

Something interesting would be their ginger infused tea. I don't particularly fancy the strong taste of ginger but this was acceptable. Ginger has a lot of benefits to our body so try ya? 

Another interesting drink on the left, Mojito Lime Pop, $10. Choice of vodka available too! 

A very refreshing drink for the ladies! On the right is a ribena float. Something like your coke float. :) 

Check out SYNC Bistro's website for the entire menu! As you can see, prices are really competitive! Look out for their lunch promotion too. :) 

3 Gateway Drive #03-01/01A
Singapore 608532
Tel: 63699913
Opening hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm (sun - thur), 11.00am to 12 midnight (fri, sat)


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