Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recipe: Teochew Mooncakes

With the Lantern Festival happening in less than a week's time, are you ready for the festive? By ready, I meant have you stored up enough mooncakes? :D

Though the festive being a once a year event, be mindful of the number of mooncakes you have consumed as well! I'm sure you don't need me to remind you how much calories does one piece of mooncake cost. :P A simple Google on the net will reveal the answer to be about 700~1200 kcal per piece, depending on the ingredients being used. I know right. So deadly to the waistline, but so addictive too! #dilemmaoflife

My suggestion to this dilemma is.. MAKE YOU OWN MOONCAKES! 

Adjust the sweetness to suit your tastebud! Not just will it be healthier, it's more meaningful too. IMO. :) So here's my version of Teochew Mooncakes or flaky mooncakes. My second time baking these babies and for sure these are much better than my previous attempt last year. :) 

Flaky yam mooncake with durian filling. Did I also mention you can be as generous as you want if you bake you own mooncakes? :P

Flaky yam mooncakes with yam filling. No artificial colouring or flavours, just the beauty of the ingredients themselves. :) 

Recipe for the flaky mooncakes can be found here.
Recipe for traditional mooncakes is here.
Recipe for snowskin mooncakes is here. 

I hope these recipes will be helpful for you if you're looking for recipes for mooncakes! They are really easy, just that please read the instructions carefully~ 

Have fun baking and do tag me in Instagram if you do use my recipes ya? ^^


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