Saturday, October 11, 2014

Media invite: Chabuton @ Tampines 1

 Chabuton, brainchild of award-winning chef Mr Yasuji Morizumi, who is also the world's first ramen chef to receive a Michelin star!

After an overwhelming response at the flagship outlet at 313@Somerset, Chabuton has opened a second outlet at Tampines 1! 

Lucky me to be one of the very few to meet chef Mr Yasuji Morizumi (on the right). He is definitely one of the most charming chefs around. :P 

Fresh sake served for the grand opening. 

Our first taste of fresh sake and it was really good! So different from the usual bottled sake. 

Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen (junior portion: $8.30, regular: $11.90) 

This is Chabuton's signature dish. The rich and creamy broth is the culmination of many 
hours of simmering pork bones! I also find that the soup broth is less greasy because of this. :)

Springy ramen. One of the better ramen noodles I've tasted. 

Also, you get to customise your own bowl of ramen at Chabuton! You can 
choose the textures of the noodles, from soft to hard. As well as how unctuous and salty you want your dishes to be. :)

A pity that I haven't got the chance to enjoy an authentic ramen served in Japan, but fellow diners have shared with me that this bowl of Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen actually tasted very much like what they had from Japan! So for those who are looking for authentic Japanese ramen, this could be the bowl. ^^

If you fancy something spicy, you may top your ramen with spicy miced pork as well as char siew! Or just order their Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen, $12.90. I would definitely go for this for an extra spicy kick.

Chabuton Shoyu Zaru Ramen, junior portion: $10.50, regular portion: $11.90)

This dish features thin-style cold ramen, and it is served with warm Japanese soy sauce 
soup. After finishing the noodles, customers can even ask for the Wari Soup and take the 
enjoyment up a notch by adding it to the bowl of soup! 

This will be suitable if you're looking for a 'lighter' meal. ^^ 

Char Siew Don if you are more of a rice person. 

Love how well cooked the japanese rice was! Would be better if the rice was soaked with more sweet sauce. :D 

Hitokuchi Gyoza, $5 for 8 pcs.

I'll always look for goyza whenever I'm having my ramen. These bite-sized dumplings serve as a perfect side dish to Chabuton’s ramen dishes!

Ika Karaage, $5.

These fried squids were really addictive! Couldn't stop reaching out for more when I know I'm so full! 

Chicken Tatsuta Age, S5.

Fried chicken, who doesn't love? ^^

Would be better if there were more meat. Felt like it was just skin and flour. 

Kaki Fried, $6.

Wonder what is enclosed? It's fried oyster! Not just 1 oyster but 2 oysters in each piece! Both of us love this side dish the most. 

Notice that at Chabuton, no ramen egg is served along? Well, no worries. You can always do a side order! Add $3 for a perfectly cooked ramen egg. ^^ 

You may wonder how do our local chefs keep up with the standards of chef Mr Yasuji Morizumi? 

Well, the original recipes are the brand’s ingredient to success and local chefs will follow them to 
a tee! Of course ingredients are important too. That is the reason why all ingredients used are either imported from Japan or are sourced or produced by companies specially appointed by the Japanese headquarter team!

Word class ramen by a Michelin-starred chef at such an affordable price, I don't find any reason not to come back for more. ^^

10 Tampines Central 1 
#02-09/10 Tampines 1 (S) 529536 
Opening hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm 
Contact number: 6854 0335 


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  1. To be frank, I am definitely not dining at this store ever again. The ramen tasted average but to be served half warm? The egg is the killshoot. Just defrost. The only hot item out of everything I ordered is a cup of green tea. What I find rather disturbing is the cold look that I received from the waiter when he collected my barely touched ramen. I would not finish this ramen even if I am deep inside the jungle. So I would say NO. No more patronizing this store.